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Volume 23 Issue 6
March/April 2018

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Positive Thinking


Positive Thinking
by Colleen Bond
Colleen Bond

Positive thinking can improve your life and health. It can brighten your day as well as that of others with whom you come in contact.

By thinking positive, you can overcome many problems, both health and lifestyle ones. Many times negative situations pop up and we have to learn to let them go and get back to our happy frame of mind.

I have found in life that there are folks that don’t like to see us get ahead. So, if you have a plan, don’t discuss it with anyone. Just think positive and do it. Work at it. A few times in my life I mentioned to the wrong people that I was going to pursue a project. They’d say things like, “It won’t turn out,” “It won’t work,” or “You probably shouldn’t do it.” Now I just muster up my courage and go ahead with it. Many times it turns out well.

Think positive, you will never know until you try. By thinking positive, you can overcome the negative things people say.

Just remember you are destined to win. Become the little choo-choo engine saying, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

In my health business I have met a few people who have really inspired me. One lady, a retired school teacher who really liked natural health, was walking with me one day. She told me she respected people who dared to be different.

So in life we have to try out the different things we like.

My advice to you:

Be your own organic self. If you try to be the same as someone else, you will not be the true you, you’ll be fake.

It would be sad to get to the end of your life and not have tried things because you were afraid to do so!

Colleen Bond is a reflexologist who lives in Kelvington, SK, with her husband Bob where they own and operate a health food store called The Health Bin. For more information call (306) 327-4391.


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