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Volume 6 Issue 4
Nov/Dec 2000

Veterinary Homeopathy

Mitzvah Technique

Nutrition, Cooking and Health: Foods to Help Lower Cholesterol


Volume 6 Issue 4 — November/December 2000

6.4 cover First Veterinary Homeopathy in Saskatchewan
by Dr. Marilyn Sthamann

Veterinary Homeopathy is now an option for your pet's health care in Saskatchewan. My name is Dr. Marilyn Sthamann and I have been practising small animal medicine in Regina for 15 years since graduating from Saskatoon's Western College of Veterinary Medicine. In the past few years I have witnessed the increasing public interest in complementary medicine.

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The Benefits of Mitzvah
by Carla-marie Powers

The Mitzvah Technique is a body alignment technique which has three main components: Mitzvah exercises, daily maintenance tips on changing postural habits, and a gentle, non-intrusive tablework technique. With the aid of these methods, permanent positive structural changes can be brought to the body.

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Nutrition, Cooking & Health:
Foods To Help Lower Cholesterol!

by Paulette Millis

Fish, soy, garlic, carrots and other foods that help reduce cholesterol, plus a diverse list of foods rich in fibre that are vital in maintaining our body's health.

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by Melva Armstrong

As I write this editorial, our beautiful, warm autumn weather continues. Today was extremely windy with hundreds of leaves blowing off the trees, swirling in the air and on the ground. I watched as gusts of wind sent bunches of them tumbling and dancing down the street and the sidewalk.

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You and Your Pet's Nutrition
Thought Field Therapy(tm)
Emotional Transformation
Healing by Homeopathy
Ask Cathy: Who Ever Said Parenting Was Funny?
Introducing the Healing Co-operative of Saskatoon


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