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Volume 6 Issue 6
Mar/Apr 2001

Business and Consciousness: Contradiction or Compatibility?

Cathy Asks - What Can I Do To Make My World A Better Place?

Nutrition Cooking & Health: All Purpose GINGER


Volume 6 Issue 6 — March/April 2001

6.6 cover Business and Consciousness
by Jacqueline Gautier

They say that the quality of one’s life is directly related to the quality of questions we ask ourselves and the authenticity with which we answer them. Business and Consciousness challenges us first to ask the soul-expanding questions: What am I meant to do? What are my special gifts and talents? Is the work I do a true expression of my soul? What is my passion and how it is ignited? Do my personal values align with those of my workplace? What is my personal mission statement? What is my calling, my destiny, my purpose?

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Cathy Asks - What Can I Do To Make My World A Better Place?
by Cathy Fenwick

Our work and relationships with each other significantly affect our level of joy. It is difficult to find happiness if we neglect either of these. In surveys which ask people about why they work, most often found at the top of the list of responses are these: personal fulfillment, recognition, affiliation, enjoyment, learning, responsibility, independence, and challenge. In eleventh or twelfth place is money. Reflected in these responses is the need we all have for meaningful work, caring relationships, and happiness. Most of us want our work to provide more than the money we need to pay our bills. We want to know that what we do matters. Positive feedback and the occasional pat on the back would be nice. This is not to say that money doesn’t matter. Efficiency of a certain type can be motivated with money, but it isn’t one of the top ten motivators for most of us. Happy healthy people continue to look for meaningful activity even when they have plenty of money. Those who happily retire from paid employment get involved in volunteer work or pursue a long dreamed-about creative endeavour.

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Nutrition, Cooking & Health: All Purpose GINGER
by Paulette Millis

Earl Mindell’s Anti-Aging Bible states ginger contains the compound ‘geraniol’ that may be a potent cancer fighter, and can enhance the effect of other anti-cancer drugs. Ginger can prevent platelet aggregation–that is it can prevent blood cells from sticking together and forming blood clots–therefore ginger is great for the heart! Ginger is also used for migraine headaches. It may prevent migraines and may relieve some of the symptoms such as pain and nausea.

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by Melva Armstrong

You are reading the sixth issue of year six. My sincere interest in wanting to educate myself and others about the value and importance of wholistic health and wellness is what keeps me doing this work. I believe knowledge is the key to good physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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