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Volume 7 Issue 3
Sept/Oct 2001

Yoga - Many Styles or Just One Message

Millet Mania!

Aromatherapy - From Art to Science

Honouring Your Unique Self


Volume 7 Issue 3 — September/October 2001

7.3 cover Yoga - Many Styles or Just One Message
by Christine and Venkat Machiraju

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular around the world as people search for a way to reduce stress and find themselves. My husband, Venkat, and I have been studying yoga since we were teenagers and have found that this beautiful science really helps to improve life and quicken spiritual growth. When we began to teach yoga in Canada we were often asked, "What kind of yoga do you teach?" In India, where yoga originated, there really is only one type of yoga; it is called the Eight-Fold Path to Union, or Ashtanga Yoga.

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Millet Mania!
by Paulette Millis

Millet! The seed we have been feeding the birds! Millet is actually a grain, and a very healthy, easy-to-cook one. It is a tiny yellow ball about 1 mm. in diameter. Millet has been grown for centuries in China, Russia, India, Europe and recently in North America. It is a hardy plant, able to grow under harsh conditions. Until my introduction to millet I thought it was a weed. For years I hoed it down in the vegetable patch since the young plant resembles fox tail.

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Aromatherapy - From Art to Science, An Alternative Medicine
by Tania Biclea

Aromatherapy is an ancient art, and today a science, which uses essential oils to promote health, beauty and well being. It has the ability to heal and balance the body, mind and spirit. Ever since the time of the Pharaohs essential oils of flowers and plants have been used for their healing and beautifying properties. Over the past fifty years these properties have been rediscovered and verified by European scientific research, establishing the therapeutic use of essential oils throughout the world.

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Honouring Your Unique Self
Tuning In and Being Thankful

by Shirley A. Kawchuk

Think of how you use your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional energy. Storing your energy and being a good steward of it is so vital for balance in our lives. What I have noticed in my own search for this balance in honouring my unique self is the need to be thankful for my experiences and tune into my six senses. As I climb my stairway to the stars I acknowledge and thank my body through meditation and journalling.

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by Melva Armstrong

Autumn is again approaching. A time to be thankful for the harvest we are reaping; to be glad for the times you tended your garden throughout the growing season and now are able to smile at the magnificent results. And for those without gardens to know we are blessed with friends, family, neighbours and farmer's markets who share with us what they have harvested. Read the editorial.

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