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Volume 7 Issue 5
Mar/Apr 2002

LaStone Therapy

Complementary Health Care Services

Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto and Aventis

The Shamballa Force


Volume 7 Issue 5 — March/April 2002

7.5 cover LaStone Therapy - A Truly Unique Form of Massage
by Tillie Dyck Derow

"Healing is of the heart, the spirit, and the stone."
–Manny Twofeathers, Stone People Medicine

LaStone Therapy, a relatively new massage technique, has become a much-welcomed therapy for the body, mind, and spirit. It was brought to North America by a woman healer named Mary Hannigan who lives in the United States. She was guided to share this healing method with others and she now teaches people all over the world.

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(Cover photograph by Jo Schmitz)

Complementary Health Care Services
Is it time for our governments to start covering them?

by Vanessa Ho

Every time Tricia Tyrer rubs her face affectionately in her dog’s fur, she’s confident she won’t break out in a rash. It took some willingness to experiment and money on Tyrer’s part but she chose traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture to solve her dilemma. "None of the medications [the Western doctors] gave me really worked. The dermatologist said it was acne, which it was not. It was a definite allergic reaction and they pretty much told me to get rid of the dog and that was the only answer," she says, "I love the dog very much, I didn’t want to get rid of the dog. So I decided to try [TCM and acupuncture]."

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Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto and Aventis
News Release - January 10, 2002, Saskatoon

by Saskatchewan Organic Directorate (S.O.D.)

On January 10, 2002 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, two certified organic farmers registered a statement of claim in the Court of Queen's Bench on behalf of all certified organic grain farmers in Saskatchewan against Monsanto and Aventis, seeking compensation for damages caused by their genetically engineered (GE) canola and to get an injunction to prevent Monsanto from introducing GE wheat in Saskatchewan.

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The Shamballa Force
A Harbinger of Synthesis and Brotherhood

by Todd Lorentz

The influential Dallas Herald newspaper described an immense surge in the public’s interest in Buddhism and other forms of "non-traditional" religion, and reported recently that over 50 percent of Americans claim to have had some inner experience of divinity. This discovery of "God Within," tied less and less to organized religion and congregations, is what publishers call "private spirituality." It has dominated book sales for the past ten years with such titles as, Chicken Soup for the Soul and Conversations With God, that the period has been dubbed "the decade of the soul."

Anyone who has pursued any form of religious studies can tell you that this is a sign of the times. Those who have delved a bit deeper know that it is in line with the re-opening of the Mystery Schools and the re-emergence of the esoteric teachings foretold in spiritual traditions like Freemasonry, by the seer Edgar Cayce, and even by many of the native American traditions.

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by Melva Armstrong

As the light increases with each new day, we begin our journey again towards spring; towards new growth and new beginnings. We will soon start to see the hidden landscape slowly emerging from underneath the snow. It won't be long and buds will be forming on the trees and our environment will undergo its annual transformation from winter to spring. As I look back over the last year, it seems to me there's been a strong growth in the Saskatchewan wholistic health movement, especially in the last six months. It feels like there are more natural health activities happening–more practitioners, more therapies, and more products!

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