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Volume 11 Issue 6
March/April 2006

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Spirit Messages - What If? We Owe it to Ourselves to Question


Spirit Messages - What If?
We Owe it to Ourselves to Question

by Doug Martin
Laura Burkhart

What if we have it all wrong? We, being the “typical” baby boomer, or anyone else for that matter, who is brought up in a society where we are told what to think, what to do, what to say, and what not to question (depending on our ancestral influences, often religious). What if there is more to this “five sensory” world that most of us become stuck in?

The information is out there, if we just take the time to do a little reading. In fact it is overwhelming—spirit guides, angels, channelling, crop circles (let's not go there, but someone other than 'Bob and Doug and a case of beer' is trying to tell us something), distant healing, the power of prayer, etc. Channelling is a personal favourite. The more one reads the basic underlying message is all the same. We are all part of the one. It is about honouring ourselves (what feels right inside), it is about love, forgiveness, respect first for ourselves and then for each other and the planet. We live in a “free will” zone—Earth. There is no need for judgement as the probability is high that we have been there ourselves, if not in this life, in another. The request is to accept everyone for the stage of development they are at and honour them for their process. There is no need for any particular tradition to be right or wrong, only the request to awaken, to question what feels right inside for each of us at this moment. These concepts feel “right inside” to me and seem worthy of exploration.

Meeting a woman named Ellie Drew and reading her books has been part of this personal awakening process. In her book, Partnering with Spirit, Ellie tells us how a spirit messenger came through to her while in a group meditation session. She did not know this person but others in her group did know him—Homer Hefty had crossed from the physical plane only twelve days previously. Homer was a Master Water Dowser in his lifetime, a person who worked with earth and body energies, but that is another story. Homer's message, among many, is that we are “only one millionth of who we think we are”.

Ellie, the reluctant sage who believed that channelling was “hokey pokey”, had her life turned upside down by this experience and has now dedicated herself to bringing the message of spirit to the physical plane. Ellie tells us we are so much more than we think we are … what a concept! If we start thinking for ourselves we may see that our thoughts count too, and if we work with this concept further there is the realization that we all have the power to make a positive difference on this planet, regardless of our current circumstance.
Consider for a moment, if we are so much more than we see ourselves on the conscious plane, maybe we have a contract with ourselves and with others coming into this physical plane. Could this be a contract to bring about experience deemed necessary for the growth of our spirit or High Self? Maybe coming in to this life we chose who our parents would be, as well as some of the major events, people, and experiences that would give us opportunity to grow! It follows, if we created our own framework for this experience on Earth then if we take the time to stop and look down at our feet, they are planted exactly where we are supposed to be at this moment. Further, we have the choice in each moment how we react to our circumstance, moment-to-moment. Do we have the power to consciously create our future? What a concept! What choice will you make? What will you do in the next moment?

The one thing that seems constant is change. Do we have the same reality today as we did when we were kids, teenagers, or who we were last year? … unlikely. What if we looked at some of these phenomena outside of our five sensory world in a different way? Instead of taking the rather arrogant attitude—“If you can't prove it, it ain't so” (a fear-based response)—what if we where open to possibilities beyond those presented in our everyday world? If we can't prove the existence of spirit we may be showing our own limited level of advancement! Fear is an amazing thing. Galileo was considered a heretic and jailed because he suggested the world was round. What is the difference between then and now? Fortunately we don't burn people at the stake anymore, but it seems we are so “arrogant” to think that our society has all the answers. Perhaps going within ourselves on a regular basis and asking … “What is right for me?” … might be more important than being led by the nose through our commercialized mass media maze telling us what we should be thinking, doing, and saying.

So what if? What if we are so much more than we ever imagined, as Ellie Drew tells us? What if we can make a difference by our thoughts, words, and deeds? What if we came here consciously to this physical plane to learn and to grow and to “be in lesson”? What if there is no such thing as death, as we think, or have been led to understand it? Would a different understanding of death or existence give comfort to some? I think so. We owe it to ourselves to question … What if?

Doug Martin has no particular qualifications, only the inner guidance to question and seek answers. This journey has led to many interesting places and people who have helped him question our “five sensory” reality. He believes bringing Ellie Drew to Saskatoon is a way to help further our understanding of this whole growth process (or is it personal re-programming process?). This time you each get to write your own program! For more information on the workshop and presentation on “Conscious Manifesting” at the Broadway Theatre (Saskatoon) contact www.stalmar.com/ellie and see the display ad on page 24 of the 11.6 March/April issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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