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Volume 12 Issue 5
January/February 2007

Our Partnership With Nature: Choosing to Respect and Provide for All Living Things

Apples - Absolutely Awesome!

The Mitzvah Technique: A Unique Method to Correct Posture, Relieve Pain & Stress, and Maintain a Healthy Body Structure

Holistic Vision Educator: A Fulfilling and Much-needed Career

The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community

Living Your Passion Through Life Purpose


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 12 Issue 5 —January/February 2007
by Melva Armstrong

Another new year has arrived and with it comes the urge to make resolutions for the changes we wish for our lives. It is about new beginnings and taking time to reflect on the past year and how we might like to do some things differently. Hopefully you will be able to spend some quiet time thinking about what brings you joy and happiness and then give yourself permission to have those experiences more often in your life. We are all very busy folks these days and in order to have good health and happiness it is important to maintain a balance and to reduce stress, which compromises the immune system and makes us more susceptible to sickness. This is not new information but it is something of which we have to keep reminding ourselves, because we often get caught up in being so busy we forget to honour the body, mind, and spirit balance.

My past year was comprised of a variety of events, which gave me a multitude of lessons from which to grow and become more aware of the spirit inside me—that part of me which, when I am connected with it, allows me to flow through life more easily and gently. This is my preferred way to go through the world, and although I don't always choose that path, it is the one I use most often and I continue to find each lesson an opportunity to opt once again for the path of peace rather than conflict.

This issue we have expanded to forty pages and have a fantastic full house of advertising and articles for your interest, growth, and pleasure. We have the second part of Cie Simurro's Our Partnership With Nature article, sub-titled Choosing to Respect and Provide for All Living Things (p. 20). Speaking from her years of experience as a dedicated Earth steward, Simurro says, "... if you want to help change the paradigm by which humans relate to the natural world, you have to first start with yourself, and then offer your help with strong intent. Watch the opportunities arrive for ways in which you can be most helpful." She adds, "Now I know every act of love to the 'critter' nation, the plants, trees, and stones, causes our Mother to care for us with more enthusiasm. The more we interact with Nature, the more Nature interacts with us." I certainly experience my times in Nature as opportunities for reconnecting with that spiritual part of myself which adds to that important daily balance I mentioned earlier. And yes, the more I interact with Mother Nature, the more I can feel Her giving back to me. They are truly joy-filled experiences!

Dr. David Korten, author, lecturer, and engaged citizen, is travelling around the US and Canada in 2006-07 because of his deep commitment to a new vision of the world, which he believes is experiencing a collective crisis. He is launching Earth Community Dialogues aimed at changing the conversation about our local, national, and global possibilities of how we live on this planet. He believes we need to create a world that works for all, and right now he says there is an imbalance. We have included an article with the same title as his latest book, The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community (p. 18). He is also author of the best-selling book, When Corporations Rule the World. His article mentions a number of excellent resources for those who wish to follow up on his work.

Renowned physician and activist, Dr. Helen Caldicott, known for being an advocate of citizen action to remedy nuclear and environmental crises, will be giving public lectures and booksignings in Saskatoon and Regina in early March. Therefore we have included one of her op-ed articles, Medical Hazards of the Nuclear Age (p. 14), in order to give you some important background on her and the work she does.

Unfortunately this short editorial space does not allow me to elaborate on every article, so be assured they are all excellent and cover a wide range of health-related topics from the nutritional value of apples, to correct body posture, to holistic vision education, to creating beauty and sacred space, to entering the sacred cave, to listening to your body, to living your passion, and to understanding nature's power—that our ecosystem has its own balance. May you find them valuable!

I wish to thank everyone who has contributed, in every way, to WHOLifE Journal. Without all of you it could not be produced, so please give yourselves a big hug from me and thank-you for being you!

May your new year be filled with bright blessings and excellent health!

(I honour the Spirit in you!)

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