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Volume 12 Issue 6
March/April 2007

Luk Pra Kob, or Herbal Stem Compress
An Aspect of Traditional Thai Medicine

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Muscle Release Therapy: A Natural Way to Relieve Pain and Reduce Stress

Emotional Free Techniques: Tapping Into Your Well-Being

What's Wrong With "Politically Correct" Nutrition?

The BodyTalk System™
Healing the BodyMind from Within


Muslce Release Therapy
A Natural Way to Relieve Pain and Reduce Stress

by Rhonda Graves
Rhonda Graves

You feel tight all over, your body aches, you are not able to do the activities you enjoy—you may be suffering from excess muscle tension. Excess muscle tension is usually caused by injury, stress, alignment problems, or any combination of these three things. Our body responds to these events by tightening our muscles. When muscles become tense and imbalanced, your body's natural correct alignment system cannot work properly and your breathing habits are affected. Over time, muscles that remain tense lose their ability to relax, resulting in chronic pain. Many of us are holding so much tension in our bodies and have been holding it for so long that our bodies have forgotten how to relax those muscles.

Muscle Release Therapy (MRT) is a way to release excess muscle tension, allowing your body to return to its natural alignment. Pain is reduced and the body is able to move more freely. It is a non-exercise way to relieve pain and reduce stress that is easy to learn. Soft grapefruit-sized balls are placed under various parts of your body while you breathe fully and allow yourself to feel the weight of your body. Once learned, MRT can be performed conveniently on a daily basis at home, at the workplace, or while travelling. It can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day, and the inexpensive equipment requires minimal storage space. Everyone can benefit from this therapy regardless of age or fitness level. It has been effective in relieving the symptoms of headaches, arthritis, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, shoulder and neck tension, back pain, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and more.

Muscle Release Therapy is an alternative to traditional pain relief methods. It is a very respectful therapy method as you work "on" yourself at your own pace. Self-responsibility for your own well-being is promoted as you consciously participate in your own healing process, using it as a tool for when traditional health care is not available. MRT is very empowering as you have complete control over when and where you have your session, as well as the intensity level and the duration. It promotes self-awareness as you learn to listen to your body to establish a Mind-Body Dialogue and discover your own patterns of tension and compensation. The wholistic approach of this therapy combines physical, mental, and emotional healing within the context and connectedness of the entire body. It offers a safe way to help yourself feel better—it feels like a workout, a massage, and chiropractor session all in one.

Classes are offered where you will learn to initiate a Mind-Body Dialogue to help direct your own healing process. Breathing exercises will be practiced that will assist you in learning to use the weight of your body and gravity to release excess muscle tension. You will learn various positions on the ball to relieve your pain and stress and how to use them at home when needed. Whole Body Moves will be introduced to integrate the new options your body has learned for movement. Classes are 45 minutes long and are limited to six participants for individualized attention. Comfortable clothing that is not too baggy is recommended. All equipment is supplied for the classes, and equipment for your home use is available for purchase. Drop-in classes are held every Tuesday 7:00 pm-7:45 pm at 2106 Cumberland Avenue South in Saskatoon.

Rhonda Graves, BSA, BSW, RSW, is the first Canadian to train and be certified as a Muscle Release Therapist/Instructor in the Elaine Petrone Method. Rhonda, a Registered Social Worker with a private practice, has experienced chronic pain for a number of years and has found relief from Muscle Release Therapy. She offers MRT group classes and individual sessions. For more information phone (306) 652-7114 or email: rmgraves@sasktel.net. Also see the Directory of Services ad on page 20 of the 12.6 March/April issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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