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Volume 16 Issue 1
May/June 2010

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BOOT CAMP for Your Life


BOOT CAMP for Your Life
by Fay Thompson
Fay Thompson

Boot Camps are all the rage in the fitness world to get your body in shape. These programs focus intensely on taking action, challenge you to do and be better, and create results. The group atmosphere in a boot camp provides support, inspiration, and motivation.

So I thought to myself, “What if there was a program that instead of focusing on your body, focused intensely on getting your mind and spirit in shape? What if there was a program that taught people how to reap joy and peace out of life instead of stress and worry? What if there was a program that not only challenged you to be better, but also was inspiring, fun, and empowering? What if there was a boot camp for your life?”

And that’s how I came to create the Life BOOT CAMP program. It seemed like a natural fit given my thirteen years experience in the military combined with my Spiritual Health Coach training. When I founded Well One Coaching and Consulting, I knew I wanted to help people find their joy, demand more for themselves, and live their lives with purpose. The Life Boot Camp program is designed to do just that.

Over a 6-week period, participants are given instruction and learn various techniques to achieve positive results in their life, then are given small “assignments” that they are to carry out during the week. At the beginning of each class, we discuss how the previous week’s assignment went, then carry on to the next topic. There is no right or wrong; no pass or fail. It is a journey, as they say—and the journey is to be an enjoyable, enlightening experience.

The curriculum includes quieting the mind that won’t stop talking, changing from a negative state (eg. stress, worry, doubt) to a confident, peaceful, enjoyable state in a matter of seconds, making your emotions work for you instead of controlling you, discovering and conquering fears and obstacles, opening to possibilities that you may not realize exist, attracting and allowing things to come to you easily, letting go, adding value to life and relationships (even the difficult ones), forgiveness, understanding how you give your power away and how to take it back peacefully, the power of intentions, prosperity building, limiting belief busters, focus, vision, and discovering your unique contribution to the world.

Creating this program has been a labour of love and includes techniques that I personally have used to transform my own life. The exercises taught in this program have certainly whipped my mind and heart into shape! They have improved my marriage, my self-esteem, my world-view, and my interaction with my children. They are the same techniques that gave me the confidence to quit my high-paying salary job and follow my calling to be a Life Coach. Some of the techniques involve visualization, meditation, discussion, contemplation, or group work. All the techniques are, in my opinion, very powerful and effective agents of positive change.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. To get a different result, a change needs to take place. Life BOOT CAMP is designed for a person to make those changes in a safe, fun, supportive environment. Don’t get me wrong—while it is a fun program, it is still a boot camp. Participants need to be prepared to do some serious, rewarding work. However, the payoff is huge. I truly believe that a person can not fully participate in this program and come out the same person. And every person has the capacity to make this change—all it requires is one decision. Every journey begins with a single step.

Fay Thompson, B.Ed, SHC, is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, Life Coach, and Wellness and Peak Performance Expert. In her former life, she was a military trainer, a teacher, and a post-secondary administrator. Now, owner and founder of Well One Coaching & Consulting, Fay is committed to helping others find their joy, purpose, and contribution to this world. She created the Life BOOT CAMP program which is running Thursday evenings, May 20-June 24 in Saskatoon. See www.wellonecoaching.com as well as the display ad on page 36 of the 16.1 May/June issue of the WHOLifE Journal for more information and registration.


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