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Statement of Purpose

We believe in providing information on the abundant choices that are available in order to fulfill a healthy and whole lifestyle. We believe there is a need to maintain a connecting link among all those who have a common goal of good health and well-being. We believe that communication is a vital element in our community's growth and development. We know that the mind is unlimited in its potential and we thus encourage our readers to share their ideas and thoughts with us for the good of all.


Volume 19 Issue 1 —May/June 2013

The current issueFeng Shui Space Clearing FAQs
Beyond Smoke and Weed

by Bridget Saraka

Spring is upon us and with its arrival many people are doing their spring cleaning and asking about "space clearings." You may have heard the phrase "space clearing" and have had questions, comments, and visions of apparitions dancing naked around a roaring fire on a full moon. Well that was then, this is now.
Whether you believe or not, some things can't be explained. They can only be experienced. My hope is that this article will assist in clarifying some of the confusion around this very powerful, transformational "ceremony." (Ceremony, meaning to celebrate.)

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More Praise for the Humble Coconut
by Sandra Brandt

On a recent trip to Bali, Indonesia, I was fascinated by the disorderly heaps of green coconuts often seen outside eating establishments. Coconut is a ubiquitous foodstuff in tropical locations, forming the basis of a wide range of dishes. I happily took advantage of the opportunity to participate in a Balinese cooking class offered by a trained chef and held in his family compound, where we visitors observed the elderly grandmother producing homemade coconut oil in the traditional way, a labour intensive task which involves scraping the flesh out of mature coconut shells (the young men help with this), combining it with water, boiling it for some hours, cooling, skimming, and then repeating the process.

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Mission Moringa
The Miracle Tree and Its Healing Properties

by Jennifer Reinert

The first time I was introduced to the plant Moringa oleifera, I heard the phrase, “Give the body what it needs and it will heal itself.” I have spent years researching the benefits of vitamins and whole food diets. After hearing that phrase four years ago, my main focus has been studying the benefits of this incredible plant and using it for both my own health and in my wellness practice. I have personally witnessed its miraculous benefits and have seen the tremendous results with others who also use it.

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The Future Includes Cargo Bikes: Ting-a-ling!
by Guy Dauncey, www.earthfuture.com

Cargo Bikes – it has a nice ring to it. Ting-a-ling! If you do a Google image search on the phrase, you’ll find a wonderful array of cargo-carrying bikes and trikes, from functional to fancy, cute to crazy. We need to sit up and pay attention, however, for the European Cycle Logistics project has found that in urban areas, half of all light goods could be moved by bicycle, and a quarter of all goods. Trucks are only 3% of European road traffic, but they cause 14% of fatal collisions. In London, England, half of all bicycle fatalities are caused by trucks.

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Qigong for Longevity and Self-Healing
by Deborah Davis

Qigong is a system of self-healing that has been used in China for thousands of years to achieve health and longevity. These gentle yet powerful qigong exercises combine three elements: abdominal breathing, slow movement, and visualization – to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. The slow movements (similar to Tai Chi) are both relaxing and invigorating. They provide numerous health benefits, such as balancing hormones, reducing stress and regulating blood pressure. Qigong is easy to learn, less strenuous than yoga or Pilates, and is accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. The most powerful tool for healing lies within you—your breath.

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The Power of Presence
by Donald Sutherland

A few days ago I was privileged to witness something that is all too rare, “The Power of Presence.” What does this look and feel like? It is mostly body language that feels like electric currents or vibes emanating from all parts of the person. It is a highly impactful combination leaving behind changed perspectives, permanently etched in the memory.

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The Akashic Records
Universal Truth for Soul Discovery and Healing

by Eldon Preston and Tara Favreau

The Akashic Records have always been and always will be. Although the records have been around since ancient times, and have been referenced to by biblical texts and other ancient religions, it is really only at this time that the wisdom and healing which the Akashic Records bring are once again strongly emerging. Think of the records as a field of energy that contains information on virtually everything that has happened in the universe.

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A Talk With Ellen Kanner
Author of Feeding the Hungry Ghost: Life, Faith, and What to Eat for Dinner

—Courtesy of New World Publishing

What’s your book about? It’s about great food — but it’s also about all the things we’re hungry for, including meaning, healing, connection, and unconditional love. To discuss food without discussing our relationship to it — how it’s grown, our ties to a recipe, the culture or time it comes from, or even the pleasure of food itself — is to miss the bigger picture. Saffron, tarragon, cardamom, and cumin make food taste better. Culture, connection, and faith do the same thing for our lives. They make it delicious. They feed us.

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by Melva Armstrong

Welcome to the 18th anniversary issue. Another year has sped by, which is always hard to believe because it seems like yesterday when I first started the journal in 1995. Of course, many changes have taken place over the years, and I have had lots of interesting and fun experiences, but the main thing is that I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey that has brought me this far. Being able to work for myself has been the greatest gift of all. Looking back on my many previous jobs, I realize that I was meant to be self-employed.

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