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Volume 24 Issue 3
September/October 2018

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Is There a Cure for Allergies?
by Joanne (Yanke) Fisher
Joanne (Yanke) Fisher

Allergies and intolerances are issues I frequently work with in my BodyTalk practice. From the BodyTalk perspective, allergies are overreactions. Our body has created a story that this “thing” is harmful to us and it goes into stress mode out of fear of the “allergen.”

During a stressful event, our subconscious says, “Something is dangerous here, I need to protect myself.” It overreacts to something in our current environment, or even to the body itself in the case of autoimmune issues. In most cases the stressor was not the food or another allergen you now react to—it was a case of mistaken identity. In BodyTalk, we simply work at the subconscious to get to the root cause of WHY this overreaction was created. Recognize the root cause of why the body is overreacting. Then our smart innate body-mind simply recognizes that the need to protect itself from that item is unwarranted. The allergy no longer exists. Yes, allergies can be cured.

I’ve heard many accounts of people developing anaphylactic reactions to a food that they were eating or substance they were exposed to during a traumatic event. A child eating grapes witnesses his dog getting hit by a car and then is suddenly allergic to them.

A friend told me she forced herself to eat a special high protein diet when pregnant. It was stressful for her and she hated doing it. Her child developed severe allergies to the milk and eggs she found stressful to eat. In utero, that child experienced her stress and associated those foods as the root cause. In utero exposure, partnered with prenatal stress, is a common correlation I have seen in working with allergies. In one session, an event of grief was brought up and the client just started crying. She didn’t know who she had lost or why she was so emotional. Further work determined she had lost a twin in utero, that there weren’t enough resources to sustain both of them. She recounted that she had been a small, frail baby. A few weeks later, she returned utterly stunned that she was no longer lactose intolerant. The assumption being that it was her guilt of nursing that led to her intolerance. In other cases, it is prolonged stress that leads to issues. A client was suffering from skin reactions/hives. We determined it was from her laundry products, triggered by the burden of caring for her elderly mother, compounded with the loss of her siblings who were no longer there to help her. Every case is unique, but once the root cause of the “why” is known, our natural ability to heal and balance corrects the issue.

We are designed to heal, but sometimes we just need help to recognize what needs fixing. When we have an experience, the first thing our subconscious does is go back through the catalogue of experiences to see if we’ve encountered it before, so it has information on how to react to the situation. So often our overreactions—physically and emotionally—are due to triggering a previous experience. I believe we are not born blank slates but rather, in that catalogue of experiences, we have hereditary and past life factors that affect us. In BodyTalk it is called the “8th chakra.” Energy cannot be created or destroyed, so any experiences that are held active and charged when a person dies have to go somewhere. We look at universal consciousness as a giant ocean. Each person is a wave, a distinct start and end, and we pick up the energetic debris of the past, and those experiences influence how our subconscious reacts. You see this clearly with children that have fears, phobias, or reactions with no explanation of “why” in their life history. A child fearful of getting their head wet is often explained when an 8th chakra factor of drowning is discovered. Fear of water is resolved just by recognizing that the fear is not justified in this life. Allergies, like behaviours, are created by the belief that they are in place to protect us from danger. I’ve seen the subconscious go to extreme lengths because it feels it needs to keep us safe. Creating a limiting belief that says no matter what you physically do, excess weight remains as a protective barrier between you and a world where, at one point in childhood (or 8th chakra factor), you didn’t feel safe. Or an inability to conceive because of an 8th chakra factor of dying in childbirth.

Sometimes it’s simple to unravel these stories in a single session, other times they run deep and wide and have numerous factors woven into them that need to be pulled out. We live or die based on our beliefs. If our subconscious believes an “allergen” is deadly to us, it will be, but it doesn’t have to be. Those stories can be retold. BodyTalk is about helping the body communicate so we can rewrite the stories that we no longer need. Remember in the '90s when EVERYONE had sciatica? Now it’s gluten intolerance or nut allergies. The manifestation of these widespread allergies is based on the belief system of the masses. Collective belief systems are the most powerful, but we can unravel them one case at a time or through group work.

Joanne (Yanke) Fisher runs Fisher Family BodyTalk from her home in Saskatoon and treats at Inside Out Therapies. Specializing in distance work for children and families as a whole, group sessions, and intensive transformation programs. www.fisherfamilybodytalk.com. Also see the display ad on the previous page 14 of the 24.3 September/October issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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