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Article Submission for WHOLifE Journal

Our policy for having articles is that if the person/company/organization submitting the article is benefitting from having their work promoted in the journal, then we ask that they purchase a minimum business card size display ad or larger. This display ad will be placed with the article. Or if the person submitting the article wants a Directory of Services ad, then we mention the page on which the ad appears at the end of the article in the bio section.

To further explain the policy, the journal is totally paid for through advertising. When we place an article, it takes up two pages of space which is equivalent to $1,600 or more advertising revenue, which we are giving to the person who submits the article, so in order to help with the cost of producing the journal, we ask that the person(s) submitting the article consider placing a minimum business card (1/8 size) ad or larger display ad (or a directory of services ad).

The current cost for a business card size (1/8 page) display ad is $125 for a one-time ad placement for black & white ad (plus GST). Colour is an additional $20%. This is the placement cost only based on receiving the ad in camera-ready format (this means the advertiser is able to provide the ad already to go into the journal in one of our four formats - jpg, tiff, pdf, or eps). If you require our designer to do the ad layout, then for the 1/8 page size, the cost is $40 + gst layout fee. Quotes for other ad sizes will be provided upon request. If you are interested in the directory of services advertising, then contact me and I can give you those costs or you can view them by downloading the print and website rates found on the left side bar after you click on “Advertise” on the home page.

The minimum size is the 1/8 page, but you can place any of the larger display ad sizes. We also offer some discount rates for those who wish to run a series of three ads (half a year) or six ads (one year). This applies to both display ads and directory of services ads.

Article Submission Deadline Dates

November 15th for January/February Issue

January 15th for March/April Issue

March 15th for May/June Issue

May 15th for July/August Issue

July 15th for September/October Issue

September 15th for November/December Issue


Regarding the article length - The word count is 900 words or less plus a short bio. Do not do anything fancy - no bolding, no italics, no extra large font, or centering headings, etc. Just the text in a Word document showing the paragraph breaks - all in the same size font.

Do not include any images or logos in the article document. Any images or logos need to be sent in a separate document. They need to be high resolution (300dpi or a high pixel count) and at a good large size. Please send unedited images, not resized, to ensure highest quality for reproduction on press. Also, we like to have photo credits for any photos for the top of the article and for the author photos (if possible).

If you need any further information, please contact me as per below:

Melva Armstrong, Publisher/Editor
WHOLifE Journal
PO Box 278
Kamsack, SK S0A 1S0
Ph: (306) 542-3616
Text/Call: (306) 590-8246
Email: editor@wholife.com

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