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Volume 11 Issue 3
Sept/October 2005

Slow Food: Take Time to Savour the Flavour
International Slow Food® Movement

Cookin' With Kale!

Reflexology in the New Millennium

Why is Peace So Elusive?

Renewing the Sacred Balance;
Transforming and Healing the Whole Earth Community


Volume 11 Issue 3—September/October 2005
by Melva Armstrong
Melva Armstrong

Welcome to a bigger issue for September/October 2005. It is a very full journal with lots of well-written articles and diverse advertising that reflect the uniqueness of the ever-growing wholistic health movement in Saskatchewan. I trust you will enjoy reading it and that you will find all aspects of the journal useful in your daily life.

Ever since I heard an excellent documentary about the International Slow Food movement on CBC Radio, just over a year ago, I have been wanting to introduce our readers to this unique movement. At last we have found an article by Alexandra Greeley called, Slow Food: Take Time to Savour the Flavour (p. 20), that I feel expresses the essence of this growing, world-wide movement which is basically about enjoying life’s simple pleasures at an unhurried pace. The Slow Food connoisseurs’ love of good food and respect for nature greatly appeals to me, as I like to eat good healthy food (slowly), to move slowly, and to enjoy and preserve the environment around me. Other aspects of this movement that I especially like are their focus on promoting sustainable agriculture, preserving food traditions, and educating people about quality foods. This, to me, is the foundation necessary to build and live a healthy life. What better place than our bountiful agricultural province to generate Slow Food enthusiasts. I trust you will find this article of great interest and hopefully there will be some Slow Food convivia starting up in Saskatchewan very soon.

A topic I have always been concerned about is the use of artificial sweeteners in all sorts of products used for human consumption. Therefore I was interested to read the Results of Study on the Carcinogenicity of the Artificial Sweetener Aspartame (p. 12) in a July 2005 press release. I felt it was important to include this press release in WHOLifE so that our readers can be made aware of the study’s findings. According to the release the study “demonstrates for the first time that aspartame is a carcinogenic agent, capable of inducing lymphomas and leukemias in female rats, including when administered at dose levels very close to the acceptable daily intake for humans.” The recommendation from the study is “for urgent reconsideration of regulations governing its [aspartame’s] use as an artificial sweetener in order to better protect public health, in particular that of children.” As we go about our daily lives, I think it is important for everyone to seriously consider these results.

In this issue we are honoured to have an article titled, Why is Peace So Elusive? (p. 18), by Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. With wars and unrest going on in many countries, with growing pressures and demands of life placed on individuals at work and at home, it makes sense then, in these fast-paced and turbulent times, for people to ask the title’s question: Why is Peace So Elusive? Thankfully there are many people in our world who are dedicated to living their lives peacefully and non-violently, and many of these folks are actively teaching and promoting peace and non-violence in their communities and beyond. Globally, we have individuals such as Arun Gandhi and the Gandhi Institute, and provincially, we have a growing number organizations dedicated to promoting peace. One such group is the Saskatoon Peace Coalition which is presenting the fourth annual Making Peace Conference, October 28 to 30, in Saskatoon. (For details see their ad on page 19.) I highly recommend it.

Former NASA physicist Barbara Brennan, who has been researching the human energy field and realms of human consciousness for more than 30 years, is interviewed by Roger Windsor in his article, Barbara Brennan School of Healing (p. 14). Brennan is a world-renowned spiritual leader, healer, and educator whose best-selling book, Hands of Light, is considered a classic in the field of complementary medicine. Workshops based on the fundamentals of the Brennan School of Healing will be presented by Donna Evans-Strauss at workshops in Saskatoon in November. (See the Calendar of Events for details.)

For the palate, Paulette Millis’s article introduces us to the wonders of Cookin’ With Kale (p. 8). Kale is a green leafy vegetable that belongs to the brassica (cabbage) family and has more nutritional value for fewer calories than almost any other food. Included are wonderful recipes to help you make kale a regular part of your meal plans.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the book review and the other great articles on Reflexology, Laughter, Renewing the Sacred Balance, and Natural Reflections.

Until next time, keep well and remember to laugh for the health of it!

(I honour the Spirit in you!)

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