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Volume 21 Issue 5
January/February 2016

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New Healing Modality Gets Amazing Results
by Lynda Borschowa
Lynda Borschowa

What is Quantum Energy Transformation™ (QET™) and How is it Different?

QET is a unique healing modality that uses breathing, space, a person’s energy system, as well as their auric field differently, in such a way that causes instant cellular transformation and even structural and energetic changes in the body. It is widely known in the field of quantum biology that everything we have ever experienced in our world and in our life is stored in our body as packets of energy in the cellular structure.

This information is unprocessed stagnant energy, many times holding past trauma, pain, emotional stress, and is the root cause of our physical and emotional issues. When this energy moves through our body using QET, we are creating movement and space for permanent cellular change, resulting in new, positive, and permanent results.

In most healing modalities, it is the practitioner who is in charge of the session, the healing, and is ultimately responsible for the healing results. This is not so in QET. You are given the opportunity to become your own healer and simply heal yourself. You, as the client, are in charge of both the session and your own experience. No one is healing you.

The practitioner is simply your guide to help you move into the energy where your body instantly and spontaneously heals itself. The innovative philosophy behind this modality is that when you take responsibility for your own healing, the power behind this responsibility empowers you to create dramatic and even profound shifts.

QET works at higher levels of change, and this is why the results that are achieved are so quick and easy to obtain. While many modalities work at the strategy level, this one works at the levels of identity, purpose, spirituality, and possibilities. When we try to change a problem at the strategy level, we are in our head and trying to figure it out. When we move into identity, this means we are choosing to become someone who no longer needs the issue or problem. This is where we create permanent change and resolution.

There is no religious aspect to this modality and anyone from any religion including non-religious people can benefit.

QET is based on science, and uses world-renowned quantum biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton’s scientific research to prove that the modality works. Lipton says that when we are in our head, we are only able to process forty bits of information per second. When we are in our body we are able to process forty million bits of information per second. This accounts for the instant transformation that happens when engaging in this modality.

It creates results beyond what most of us think is possible. Results can happen in less than one minute! This is not something reserved for masters of yoga and meditation. It’s easy, and anyone can do it.

Joshua Bloom created QET in honour of healing himself from debilitating anxiety and fear. Not only did he heal himself, he has helped thousands of people heal themselves. He is also the creator of the “Come To The Edge!” program, where he trains students to heal themselves, as well as train practitioners.

We all try so many things to help ourselves, and many times fail to get the results we seek. Knowing that there is something out there that really works, gives us hope that we can have and achieve what we set out to do in our lives. This modality is something everyone should at least try, to see if it could be the resolution you are looking for.

Here are some examples where QET has been beneficial:

Joshua Bloom, the QET creator, helped a client named KC Craig become free from all symptoms of fibromyalgia in only four minutes. She has now been symptom-free for fifteen years.

As a student of Joshua Bloom, I (Lynda Borschowa) was able to heal myself instantly. At a time in my life when stress was high, I became gravely ill with burning, moving pain in my vital organs. My body temperature dropped daily and I knew if I didn’t find a miracle, I would likely die. With one session using the special energy healing of QET, I was able to release the root cause of my illness and all the pain disappeared! I have been pain-free for two years.

As a Master Practitioner of QET, I (Lynda) helped a couple named Tanna and Ron go from losing money in their business, to earning $100,000/month. It’s more than a year now and they have grossed over one million dollars.

Lynda Borschowa, a Master Practitioner and Coach of QET, lives in Meadow Lake, SK. She loves animals, the outdoors, and creating miracles for herself and others while using this life-changing modality. Lynda’s website: www.touchofmagik.com. Joshua’s website: www.QuantumHealingCenter.com. For more information, see the colour display ad on page 33 of the 21.5 January/February issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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