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Volume 21 Issue 6
March/April 2016

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Tap the Divine in Yourself


Tap the Divine in Yourself
by Tere Bohacek
Tere Bohacek

I always think I have nothing left to write about, but this piece demanded attention. It got me up at o-dark-thirty to transcribe it. I hope it speaks to your heart!

I am hearing the phrase, “Black Lives Matter,” a lot right now. And, I agree with that statement. I just think it should be bigger. It should be, “All Lives Matter,” or even bigger, “All LIFE Matters”—people of all colours, creeds, and cultures, animals and plants, trees and rocks, and water and air—IT ALL MATTERS! Everything is connected, you know. Everything sends out threads of energy, weaving a blanket around all life. That blanket can warm us, can offer us contentment, and bring us joy. And what do we do? We poke holes in the blanket by spewing hate—through terrorism, through racism, through arrogance, through mean-spirited criticism. We could mend those holes. Every one of us has the power to do that, by choosing happiness. That doesn’t mean we won’t experience grief and anger and sadness and frustration and pain. They are part of life in a human body. It means, when you find yourself grieving a loss, you feel that grief and you keep moving through that grief until you can cherish the memories, until they bring a smile to your heart. It means, when you get angry, you acknowledge that anger and move through it until you can allow forgiveness to flow (in both directions). It means, when you are sad, you don’t curl up in a ball and close out the world, you move through the sadness by focusing on what fills you with appreciation and gratitude. It means, when you are frustrated, you quiet your mind so you can hear the solution taking form. It means, when you are in pain, you look for ways to nurture yourself. Choosing happiness opens the lines of communication and support. It makes the opportunity to create peace in the world possible. Instead of reacting to terrorism with fear, we can learn to foster tolerance and understanding. Instead of dividing the planet with racism, we can learn to respect others. Instead of spouting demeaning criticism, we can offer kindness. Instead of being arrogant, we can learn to listen with an open heart. After all, if we poke too many holes in the blanket, no one will be able to keep warm. We can become the menders of holes, the creators of peace and joy. Support the world, tap the divine in yourself, your true self—it’s easy. Choose happiness.

Every day—from now until forever—may you always choose happiness. With love, and a deep appreciation for participation in my journey.

Tere Bohacek, a long-time friend of the WHOLifE editor, lives in northern California. Every December, she writes down thoughts that come from deep inside her heart and sends them to her family and friends as part of her festive season celebration. May you find them inspirational.


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