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Volume 21 Issue 6
March/April 2016

Welcome to CHI, the Saskatoon Community Healing Initiative

Superfoods – To Your Health

Reversing Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, and Obesity – What’s the Chance?

One Woman’s Journey to Creating The Wandering Market

SASKAPACA Farm, Alpaca Ranching Expanded

A Time to Save the Pollinators – One Garden at a Time

7 Ways to Raise Your Happiness Set Point

Tap the Divine in Yourself


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 21 Issue 6 — March/April 2016
by Melva Armstrong

What a wonderful mild winter we’ve had thus far. It is the mildest one I’ve ever experienced in Saskatchewan. Those long stretches of bitter cold temperatures can be hard to take. I’m sure we are all grateful for a much gentler season this year. Besides, spring is just around the corner. Soon, we’ll be organizing and planting seeds, trimming trees and bushes, clearing yards, and sitting outside relaxing in the sun. How wonderful are these things, after being in hibernation for months. It’s all part of the ebb and flow of life’s rhythms. Spring is that time when we burst forth into the great outdoors and soak up its magnificent energies. There is more light filling our days and we begin seeing the emergence of those wild four-legged creatures who have awoken from their sleep and grace our earth again. The winged ones will return from their southern homes and fill our ears with their sweet songs. Yes, spring is a special time of year. I trust you will all enjoy it to the fullest.

As an exhibitor at the Saskatoon Wellness Expo/New Earth Expo on February 5 to 7, I was truly happy to see all the people that stopped by to say hello and those who visited for a while. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces, as well as to greet a large number of new ones. It feels to me as though a lot more people are interested in natural health and wellness these days, which is a blessing. There are many ways to keep oneself healthy, however, it takes commitment and energy to do the research and find what works best for you. It is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. There are friends and family who can be resources and supports, however, it takes looking within yourself for the answers and your intuition won’t let you down. It’s there to protect and guide you, so be sure to tap into it and trust your instincts.

It has been very enjoyable working with all the people who are part of this new issue. It contains a wide variety of information that can be valuable to you on your wellness journey. I am overjoyed about the number of people in our province dedicated to feeding themselves and others with food that is grown locally, naturally, and organically. You can read about one such individual, who fits into this category, in her article, One Woman’s Journey to Creating The Wandering Market (p. 20) by Nadine LeBean. Nadine enjoys going from farm to farm, meeting the families, gathering food for her boxes, and then distributing them. She started with one small gesture and now she has a full-time business keeping people well fed, which is what she loves to do.

I also love the many genuine community connections that are happening in every part of the province. People are coming together in groups to share their creativity for building bridges to ensure that the needs of everyone in their neighbourhoods are looked after. In order to learn more about such a concept, you can read Patti Lindgren Gera’s article, Welcome to CHI, Saskatoon Community Healing Initiative (p. 16) which she has written with Esther Stenberg. One of their main initiatives states that, “CHI hopes to become a living model for community healing that others can learn from and apply in their own communities.” The two authors have been working on these concepts for a number of years and “plan to facilitate the building of this Initiative through a series of events that flow with the natural rhythm of creation.” There are details in the article of their upcoming events starting in March.

Another topic dear to my heart is the importance of pollinators for our gardens and crops. Now that spring is on its way, I’ve included an article by a master gardener, Rhonda Fleming Hayes, who lays out the scientific approach to a pollinator friendly garden in, A Time to Save the Pollinators—One Garden at a Time (p. 18). “Hayes uses science, not anecdotal evidence to hone a list of must haves for gardeners seeking to make the switch from [pollinator] unfriendly to friendly gardens.” Ultimately, “Hayes urges gardeners to join the fight—to serve as gardening activist in the battle to save the creatures that hold an entire ecosystem in balance.” I say, “Here! Here!”

Be sure to check out all the articles and advertising in this issue, as there are many gems to light your way. I am grateful for the guidance that brings the people and their gifts to WHOLifE, and for the guidance I am given.

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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