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Volume 22 Issue 5
January/February 2017

Ayurveda – A Personalized Guide to Good Health and Nutrition

Vaccines vs Nosodes – Can They Compare?

Achieve “Thinner” Peace

A Surprisingly Simple Solution to Weight-Management: Mindful Eating

The Power of the Quest and Stepping into More!

The Cost of Sparking Your Potential

Book Review


Achieve “Thinner” Peace
by Katherine Harriman and Rusty Dixson
Katherine Harrison and Rusty Dixson

Achieve “Thinner” Peace is a support group for those looking for relief from the obsession with food and dieting.

How many times have we tried and failed at losing weight? How many diets have we tried? How many exercise programs have we signed up for? Years of yo-yo dieting have sent us on a spiral of low self-esteem and depression. Our physical and mental health has suffered. Why can’t we do this one simple thing? Why can’t we lose weight and keep it off? We ask ourselves over and over, “What’s wrong with me?” We know we have all the willpower in the world and more than enough motivation. Why can’t we do this? It is baffling, absolutely baffling. We are frustrated with the information out there, some of us know a lot about food and exercise, but we still can’t put it into action.

Some of us have managed to lose weight. Some by extreme measures. Some of us have gained it back or feel out of control and fear we will gain it back. We fear the weight, the self-loathing, the judgement of others. We spend a lot of time and energy looking for answers. Some of us try quick fixes, a cleanse or something that promises to get us back on track. We try going back to what worked before, but it never seems to click. Our relationships are strained, friends and families are at a loss to help us. We don’t enjoy life because this obsession is always in the back of, or forefront, of our minds. We feel hopeless, ashamed, and worn out. We are so tired of the struggle, the waste of energy, the never ending thinking about food and weight. We want relief. Relief from this obsession.

You may want peace with this issue of food and diet and body image that has plagued us most of our lives. You may want to get to the weight that is right for our bodies and keep it off. You may find, like us, you want to go about life like a “normal” person accomplishing neglected goals in other areas of our lives. Like you, we want to enjoy life and enjoy good food without the fear of gaining weight.

Everyone knows we should eat less and move more. So why can’t we do it?

Being set free from the struggle to control our weight doesn’t come from “the Right diet” or superhuman willpower. At Achieve Thinner Peace meetings we learn why the brain sends us the messages it does and what we can do about it. The program takes us through strategies and techniques addressing all the road blocks we come up against when trying to stick to a diet, including some we weren’t aware of! This takes time and practice, but it is so effective! Even those of us who are already actively dieting, belong to a weight loss group, or had gastric surgery can benefit from the techniques learned at Achieve Thinner Peace.

With practice, we see improvement and notice feeling less obsessed. We regain hope and self-respect. We experience a “thinner” peace.

The group is led by counsellor Katherine Harriman, MSW, RSW and Rusty Dixson, certified Nia instructor. Katherine believes following one’s own “wise mind,” despite old beliefs and habits, is the path to a happier and more fulfilling life. Rusty brings the philosophy of Nia to Achieve Thinner Peace. She believes every person can enhance their individual potential to live a healthy and meaningful life by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies. Together, they bring their joint experience to create a welcoming, non-judgmental space for learning, laughing, and growing together.

The program is based on concepts from the book, The Four-Day Win by Dr. Martha Beck.

Free information meeting Mon. Jan. 9, 7:00–9:00 pm, Queen’s House of Retreats, 601 Taylor St. W., Saskatoon, SK. Meetings are two hours, once a week for 15 weeks. 15-week session begins Mon. Jan. 9 to Apr. 17. 7:00 pm–9:00 pm at Queen’s House. Fee: $650.00+GST includes reference material and workbook. For more information contact Rusty Dixson: 306-261-3699 or email: ardixson@gmail.com. Facebook: Achieve Thinner Peace. Also, see the display ad on page 13 of the January/February 2017issue.

Katherine Harriman has been working as a counsellor and psychotherapist for fifteen years. For more information please check out Dreamswork Counseling at www.dreamswork.ca.

Rusty Dixson has been a Nia instructor for ten years. Nia is a holistic fitness practice addressing body, mind, and spirit. For more information go to Facebook: Nia Fitness with Rusty.


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