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Volume 22 Issue 5
January/February 2017

Ayurveda – A Personalized Guide to Good Health and Nutrition

Vaccines vs Nosodes – Can They Compare?

Achieve “Thinner” Peace

A Surprisingly Simple Solution to Weight-Management: Mindful Eating

The Power of the Quest and Stepping into More!

The Cost of Sparking Your Potential

Book Review


The Power of the Quest and Stepping into More!
by Christine Ciona
Christine Ciona

One thing that brings me great joy is the power of contribution. I love when everything lines up and the universe shows me the great potential, capacities, and possibilities that are available to everyone.

I am inviting you into a whole new possibility for your life, your body, and your living.

At the end of January, I would like you to join us (that’s right... there are three of us) to The Body Quest. This is an incredible four-day retreat in the beautiful boreal forest of Northern Saskatchewan. Surround yourself with incredible healers, inspiring women, and intuitive creatures. This is four days of wellness and healing practices that will transform your body and change your life. You may think that this is a grand proclamation.... and we stand by it.

The facilitators will be guiding you through deep energetic body healing practices and clearing tools. This is an incredible opportunity to create more space and time for healing and renewal and expansion in your body and your life.

It’s Your Time

Are you ready? If you would like more change in your life, this training and workshop is for you.
• Do you want to consciously create your reality?
• Do you want to amplify your inner power, capacity, and make an impact in the world?
• Do you want to expand your body healing and integrate wellness and ease in your daily life?

The Body Quest is an event that will help you create all of that and more.

With our core team of retreat guides and wellness facilitators, we have created a dynamic new program that will take your body, mind, and spirit into a greater place of ease and joy.

Let go of body pain and old stories that clutter our lives. Get clear on your core desires and make a plan to take action on your dreams. Learn dynamic body healing and intuitive energetic practices to integrate in your daily life.

Create inspiring community with people who are ready for more change and possibility in their life. Be nourished and nurtured by the peaceful oasis of the boreal forest of Northern Saskatchewan. Experience the freedom and joy with an authentic dogsledding tour with Sundogs Excursions.

We are all busy people. We often put the needs of others before ourselves. We can get wound up in old stories of our lives and cling to past hurts and past delights. It is a challenge to live in the present moment and see the possibility of the now in our lives. In all of life’s ups and downs, we often forget that we have choice. We invite you to choose you, choose awareness, choose more, choose health and abundance.

Create Your Best Self

The Body Quest is a weekend of learning, practicing, receiving, and experiencing dynamic energetic and wellness tools. It is through practice that we can integrate these learnings into our lives on a daily basis. You can read all about it in a book.... or you can taste it and experience it firsthand. You can learn about the benefits of Access Consciousness Bars® and can become certified as a facilitator and you can also experience Group BodyTalk® processes.

Not sure if you want to be an Access Consciousness Bars practitioner? No problem. Come for the retreat weekend in the beauty of the boreal forest in Saskatchewan in January and benefit from four days of energetic healing, community building, wellness improvement, and a great time experiencing and receiving all of you and more.

Retreat Dates: Thursday January 26, 2017 to Sunday January 29.

More questions? Schedule an information call by emailing us at welcometokiva@gmail.com. We are happy to answer any questions regarding the retreat and help you find the best solution for you.

For more details, visit: www.welcometokiva.com/the-body-quest.

Christine Ciona is a Certified Access Consciousness Bars facilitator, Abundant Living Guide, and Joy Guru. All of her offerings are created with the intention to invite more joy, abundance, and freedom to our lives. Christine is one of The Body Quest facilitators. Her email is welcometokiva@gmail.com. Also, see the display ad on page 25 of the 22.5 January/February issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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