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Volume 24 Issue 1
May/June 2018

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Shamanism, Alchemy, and Light © 2018

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Shamanism, Alchemy, and Light © 2018
by Julianne Bien

In a complex multiverse with spaces as large as galaxies and as mysterious as black holes, is it even possible for us to grasp the immensity of the cosmic storehouse of information we may be able to tap into? Memory and knowledge must exist everywhere as nature knows the exact chemical and energetic formulae and evolutionary changes necessary for survival. Are all past, present, and future expressions of natural and technological advancement available here and now in frequencies and patterns to those able to perceive them?

Visions and messages are part of a silent language with many octaves of vibration, each with its own music-like scale. In induced altered states, such as in shamanism, alchemy, and other mystical practices, brainwave activity changes. Is this evidence of a connection to higher levels of consciousness?

Shamanism and Light Therapy

All secret societies and mystical practices can fit under the umbrella of shamanism. As ancient healing traditions, ways of life, and spiritual practices, shamanism taps into the universal spiritual wisdom of creation rooted in nature and applies it to strengthen humans’ natural connections. Altered states of consciousness are reached in order to perceive and interact with a spirit world and channel these higher energies into our earthly world. Shamans believe they gain knowledge and healing powers by entering other worldly realms through dreams or visions that convey certain messages. This practice of illumination is about our connection to nature, self-healing, community, and spiritual practice. In shamanic practices, colour is one path to connect to the higher octaves of vibration.

Spiritual Light Therapy

Spiritual light therapy has always been a natural way of life, and the sun has been worshipped by ancient cultures as an all-knowing all-empowering God or Goddess. Mythology and folklore have recorded many powerful and caring solar deities with abilities to rule over the heart, and provide answers and fulfill wishes in response to prayers. Incredible kingdoms, infrastructures, and sacred pyramidal sites were built to draw in universal powers that may be more advanced than today’s technology. Perhaps guidance was transmitted by light, including that beyond the visible spectrum. More than just a powerful personification, the sun represents illuminated consciousness.

Today spiritual light therapy has a broader meaning. The English word “spirit” comes from the Latin “spiritus,” meaning breath, soul, courage, or vigour. Spirit is what light therapy gives. Light sources act as eternal links connecting us to the higher source, the sun. In some ways our heart is like a miniature sun. It not only pumps oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood throughout our system but, like the body, it generates an even more powerful electromagnetic field that has been measured by scientific means. And this all resides as an atmospheric emanation called the auric field, or the aura of radiant colours that surrounds us.

Alchemy and Light Therapy

Ancient Greeks combined all their knowledge of cosmogony and man into a mathematical theorem. The solar system with its astrological patterns was a basic element of alchemical theory, and the alchemical process was based on vibratory patterns brought into form. Early alchemists used symbols and shapes in their transformative formulations, and these have been incorporated into some modern chromotherapy (colour light therapy) practices. These archetypes hold memory and intent that call colour photons into action when shone through them. There’s a unique colour pallet for each of us to select from in painting our personal picture of healing with light. By listening to the soul’s whisper echoing in every cell, we can access all the information we need.

During the Renaissance, Paracelsus, a Swiss physician, alchemist, and astrologer, recognized the importance of having a thorough academic knowledge of natural sciences, and that humans and nature have to be in harmony because everything is interrelated. The alchemical movement focused on removing life’s energy-wasting frictions such as worry, fear, and anxiety. All answers were believed to reside within nature. A series of secret symbols was said to be capable of making dreams come true. Elias Artista was said to have been the perfect alchemist and eternal because there was nothing in his body to cause him to die.

Today, energy work, including chromotherapy, also strives for harmony. Adding the use of geometric symbols creates a sun-centred secret alchemy, a sacred art innate in our eternal memory and its transformative potential. Although we’re unable to consciously understand how the pairing of specific geometric symbols and colour light works, we do know it’s a call to action with intent, intuition, and imagination. We are an alchemic storehouse of energy surfing the ebb and flow of consciousness for a “soular awakening” at our solar centre.

Disclaimer: The ideas and opinions expressed herein are based on the author’s experience and research in the field. No medical claims are made.

Julianne Bien is the inventor of The Spectrahue Method of light therapy comprised of Lumalight tools and its training program to complement holistic and spiritual lifestyles. For more information, visit spectrahue.com and/or call (416) 340-0882. Spectrahue Light & Sound Inc., Canada.


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