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Volume 24 Issue 1
May/June 2018

For the Love of Garlic

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Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 24 Issue 1 — May/June 2018
by Melva Armstrong

Welcome to the 23rd anniversary issue of WHOLifE. Thank you for reading and supporting it over the years. I am grateful to each one of you. When I look back over the years, I can see I have been truly blessed to meet many wonderful people. It has been very heartwarming working with other souls of like-mind who are on a similar healing journey, as we grow together and evolve into more conscious individuals.

The times have changed immensely since I first started and so, of course, have I. I loved the idea of being self-employed and able to create my own business. At the time I was guided to start this natural health journal, I had already been living my life in a wholistic way for a number of years and I had also studied creative writing so it seemed a perfect fit for me. I had just moved back to Saskatoon in 1994 and I knew there wasn’t any natural health publication of its kind in the city. So when I heard that little voice in my head suggesting I start something like this, I was inspired to pursue the possibilities. I did my research which confirmed that it would be a valuable contribution to those involved in the business of natural health and wellness in the province. The first issue came out in May/June 1995. It was 16 pages with one colour and I had the printer run 5,000 copies. I actually broke even on it and was thrilled to have achieved this goal. And I have been publishing it ever since then. At first it was only delivered in Saskatoon but soon after I had copies in Regina and elsewhere in the province. It has been a labour of love and I continue to enjoy editing and publishing it.

I am grateful for all the food writers who have graced these pages with their expert knowledge, their love of food, and above all, their recipes. Because our good health depends on the kind and quality of food we eat, I have always felt it was important to have articles that educate people about whole natural food. Thanks go out to Paulette Millis, Sandra Brandt, Nadine LeBean, and our current “foodie” writer, Stacey Tress. This issue Stacey’s topic is, For the Love of Garlic (p. 8). She brings something new to the table called black garlic which is a fermented version of this delicious and versatile food. I am a garlic lover and I’m sure many of you are, too, so be sure to read her article and learn lots of things you didn’t know.

Along with all the writers, for whom I’m grateful and who have contributed so many diverse topics to each issue, the journal is able to come to you because of the many natural health and wellness advertisers who have supported each issue. Some advertisers have been with WHOLifE for the entire time, which to me is amazing! Thanks go to everyone who has ever advertised in the journal and who has ever written articles for it. I am grateful and feel blessed for your contributions.

It’s onward and upward with this Volume 24, Issue 1 and the start of year 24. These pages contain a brand new combination of health-conscious articles and advertising that are all meant to bring joy, knowledge, good health, happiness, prosperity, and well-being into your life.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank all the amazing individuals who help make sure the journal is distributed every issue to more than 500 locations around the province. Their names are Bill, Todd, Cheryl, Mick, Amy, Judy, Andy, and Denise. And there are other distribution locations who like to carry the journal in their businesses for their customers. This network of fabulous people has been set up throughout the province so you can pick up the journal for free at your favourite location and enjoy it.

I am also happy to have found a good and reliable printer—Derksen Printers in Steinbach, Manitoba—after my long-time printer in Saskatoon was closed two years ago. The dedicated staff at the new printing company have done an excellent job of each issue and I’m glad the transition went so smoothly. A big thank-you goes out to each of the people in the printing process who make sure the journal looks great.

Big huge thanks go to the WHOLifE designer, Cheryl McDougall, who does a gorgeous layout every issue. She’s the best! And wonderful to work with!

May you make plenty of time to get out into Mother Nature and soak up her healing energies!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

Melva's signature

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