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Volume 15 Issue 5
January/February 2010

Eat Well! Food as a Vital Part of Our Spiritual Journey

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Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 15 Issue 5 — January/February 2010
by Melva Armstrong

Another new year has begun, and already it is 2010. Where did the last ten years go? It seems like just the other day we were all concerned about the Y2K transition to 2000. There was no disaster or great upheaval then and we have zoomed through ten years in what seems like the blink of an eye.

January will be fifteen years since I received the inspiration to create WHOLifE Journal and we will be celebrating the 15-year production anniversary once the Mar/Apr ‘10 issue is completed. I continue to feel very blessed doing this work and I sincerely appreciate all the people who are part of the journal. I feel like we are one big happy family from those appearing inside, including all those who work on it, to those who read it. It is a lovely, comforting feeling to have you all in my life and for me to be in yours. Big thanks go out to everyone who has been part of the journal during 2009. It has been a very blessed and successful year and I look forward to the new year.

It appears that more people are using natural and complementary practices and products to keep themselves healthy and enjoying their lives to the fullest. I would say that more of the so-called “mainstream” world is now recognizing the natural health world and many businesses and individuals are incorporating some form of natural health into their work and their everyday lives. Spas are sprouting up everywhere, nearly all hair salons have a massage therapist, and reiki seems like a common household word. The lines are blurring a lot more in our society, which is allowing the esoteric elements to become more freely accepted and for the ancient ways of doing things to be brought back. I find it heart-warming to see and experience the many changes that are happening, knowing they are for the betterment of our world. People I have listened to and read, who are tapped into the heart beat of the planet, are saying that we are moving into a time when all our hearts will become joined, become one, and we will all work together to bring peace and harmony to every part of our world. I especially love Gregg Braden, Caroline Myss, Louise Hay, and Marianne Williamson for their dedication and devotion to the process of service, by providing us with books, videos, and workshops to help us become more aware and more enlightened beings, so that we can all learn and know how to be of service. I truly believe that our sole purpose on this earth, each one of us, is to be of service to each other. I also know that this coming year we will all be given many opportunities to be of service and to find those ways that best suit our abilities to give these gifts to others and to our Earth Mother.

These are exciting times in which to be alive and I am looking forward to sharing this new year with all of you. I trust and know that WHOLifE will continue to receive an abundance of articles and advertising that will provide our readers with informative and practical resources to help you find ways to keep healthy, fit, happy, peaceful, loving, and abundant in the days and months ahead.

We all know that having a healthy diet is important for our bodies, and that it is best to eat natural food that is grown and created as locally as possible. However, you might not realize that healthy food also nourishes your soul. It is this message that Regina’s Sandra Brandt joyfully brings to us in her Eat Well! Food as a Vital Part of Our Spiritual Journey article (p. 12). Brandt says, “We are constantly evolving: in body, mind, and spirit; as individuals; in groups; and as cultures. Our interaction with food is part of that evolution.” And for her, she adds, “…[this] means making food a vital part of our ever-deepening spiritual pathway.” Brandt has been offering Wholistic Cooking Classes for five years as an integral part of a wholistic lifestyle and in March she will be one of a team giving a workshop on this subject at Calling Lakes Centre in Fort Qu’Appelle (see the display ad on page 13 of the 15.5 January/February issue of the WHOLifE Journal for details).

I strongly encourage you to check out all the other articles, as well as the advertisers to help you on your precious life path.

May your new year be filled with exciting times, and may peace, joy, love, laughter, good health, and abundance be part of every day.

(The Spirit in me honours the Spirit in you)

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