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Volume 20 Issue 2
July/August 2014

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Use Your Mind to Control Your Life – Why Clinical Hypnosis Can Help You
by Kent Bailey, ND
Kent Bailey, ND

Clinical Hypnosis: Professionally-guided hypnosis is the methodology of choice for patients who want to take control of their life. Scientific studies show that patients who utilize professionals for their hypnosis, experience much less pain, stress, or anxiety, markedly better sleep, a higher success of smoking cessation, and fewer side effects from pharmaceuticals (including chemotherapy), and radiation therapy.

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a state of focused concentration that the person enters either on their own, or with the guidance of a healthcare professional. You have probably entered a state of focused concentration today, as you do every day. How often have you driven to a familiar place, only to discover that you don’t remember some, or all of the trip? That’s because your brain is so used to driving, it can automate the process, without you consciously focusing on the experience. This allows you to shift your focus to other parts of your life, or perhaps have a day dream or two on the drive. Many new and inspiring ideas have come to us on the drive home, or even in the shower.

How the mind works: All the processes of the brain, both voluntary, and involuntary, are part of the unconscious mind. Think of the entire mind, aka the unconscious mind, as if it were the night sky. There are thousands of activities going on all at once—stars, galaxies, meteors, satellites, the moon, airplanes, etc, all moving, going about their business. You cannot see all of it, or all of the detail at one time. Your mind is the same way. Your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, even many of your stresses, and emotional triggers are all being activated to some degree, without you focusing on them, or even being aware of it happening at all. Your focus (done by your conscious mind) is like a telescope pointed up at the night sky. It can look at one thing at a time, one small area at a time, but is largely unable to see beyond the borders of the view-finder. In addition, the more often your mind pays attention to something, the better it gets at not only focusing on it, but at completing that particular task. Whether it be riding a bicycle, or experiencing stress and anxiety, for better or worse, practice makes perfect. Your mind has the amazing ability to become better and more efficient with each repetitive experience. Even better, is the fact that your mind can replace old unwanted experiences, such as feeling stressed, with new positive reactions, such as feeling calm and in control with a little guidance and some practice. Now is the time to undo that old learned habit and replace it with a positive experience.

How can hypnosis help? The purpose of clinical hypnosis is to allow the mind to focus its telescope on other areas within yourself. The strengths, the calm, the control over your physical body, and how you react to the situations in your life. The mind is very powerful—hypnosis will help to harness that power, and improve your life.

What to expect: The first session typically consists of a detailed intake, as well as an introductory session of light hypnosis. The practitioner will discuss with you what your goals are, as well as other aspects of who you are. This helps him/her to better understand your circumstances and what approach will make your experience positive and your sessions more successful. The session may be recorded, as to provide you with an audio file that you can listen to at home between sessions with your health care provider. New scripts are created for each session that you have. Sessions are typically weekly to start, but then taper off as the positive results become more prominent.

Dr. Bailey is a registered naturopathic doctor in Saskatoon. He has received his training in clinical hypnotherapy from the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis. For more information, you can visit www.axiomhealth.ca or call (306) 955-7707. Also, see the colour display ad on page 18 of the 20.2 July/August issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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