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Volume 20 Issue 5
January/February 2015

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Colour Ray Gemstones in Health and Healing
by Isabelle Morton
Isabelle Morton

We are surrounded by colour. Nature abounds in it—especially in springtime when the flowers bloom after a long winter. Artists are commanders of colour, chefs make good use of it in food, and kids are attracted to the brightest toys.

Instinctively, we know what colours we like. We use these preferences when we shop for clothing, home décor, and even cell phone cases. There’s a reason for this preference.

Colour is profoundly nourishing. Not just psychologically and emotionally, but also energetically. Most alternative healers can tell you that the seven body chakras are nourished by the seven colours of the rainbow. In my work with therapeutic-quality gemstones, I’ve learned that specific organs, systems, and experiences also favour one of these seven colours—and its corresponding colour-ray gemstone.

Red: The heart and all muscles in the body are enlivened by red. Rubies, which carry the red ray, draw forth our inner and outer strength, and help us get motivated to move in whatever direction we wish to go.

Orange: The energies of orange-ray carrier carnelian support healthy relationships and nourish the endocrine glands, like the thyroid and adrenals.

Yellow: The yellow ray, found in yellow sapphire and citrine, supports digestive functions including our ability to receive and accept nourishing experiences, and to take leadership of our lives.

Green: Green supports independence and abundance, and nourishes the visceral organs. Green-ray carrier emerald is an important gemstone for vitalizing the physical body.

Blue: The blue colour ray, as found in blue sapphire, nourishes the sensory organs and vessel walls. It supports wisdom and good communication.

Indigo: Indigo is the colour for meaningful dreams. It vitalizes our most essential structures, which physically manifest as our bones and joints.

Purple: The purple, or violet, colour ignites our desire for upliftment and spiritual growth. It nourishes the nerves and is carried by amethyst and purple tourmaline.

The body inherently recognizes the energies of rounded gemstones and will draw them to areas that need them with a magnetic-like pull. Certain healthy organs and systems repetitiously call for the same colour-ray-bearing stones. This universal tendency is the basis for Gemstone Therapy. A Gemstone Therapy practitioner identifies which gemstones the body needs and then places them where they are wanted or applies them in the aura.

We use rounded gems (spheres and rondels, which are flattened spheres), because their energies radiate in all directions and can fill a person’s body and aura efficiently. Furthermore, the intelligence within the organs can moderate a gemstone sphere’s energies, taking what it needs and redirecting the rest. Thus, rounded gemstones are safe. They’re also easy to wear as necklaces and bracelets to supply nourishment all day long.

Gemstones come in a variety of colours. They use their colour to support their primary properties and benefits. Only the colour-ray-bearing gemstones provide colour purely. These gems’ sole mission is to nourish with colour and help the body receive it. This is why these stones are special. Ruby and red spinel are both red gemstones. Red spinel’s energetic mission is to support rhythm and vitalize muscle. Its red colour supports that purpose. Ruby’s mission is to carry red colour ray. Every other benefit it offers supports the body’s ability to receive and accept the red ray.

One of the more interesting things I’ve learned working with colour rays is that they always come in spectrums and that every part of us has a spectrum. All atoms, molecules, cells, body parts, emotions, memories, and thoughts have one.  Even our experiences have spectrums! The experience of going on vacation feeds us with a certain spectrum that is stronger in some colours than others. So does the experience of falling in love, sustaining an injury, or contracting an illness.

Deficiencies we have in certain colours will draw experiences that are rich in those colours. These experiences may be positive or negative depending on our viewpoint. Nonetheless, the result is a balanced spectrum. Life is continually trying to balance its spectrums.

With Gemstone Therapy, you can evaluate the spectrum of any organ or issue, identify the deficient colour, and then balance the spectrum by wearing the associated colour-ray gemstone. As colour deficiencies are corrected and a spectrum is balanced, extreme experiences are curbed.  Life gets less complicated and more enjoyable.  

Colour testing myself when I can’t sleep has taught me that in this case I’m deficient in the orange ray. Bringing carnelian and white beryl into my bed helps me sleep.  I’ve linked my troubles with anxiety with a purple ray deficiency, and so will wear amethyst with white beryl in situations when I might need it. White beryl is paired with all colour-ray-bearing gemstones for a very important reason—it helps clear blockages in the flows of colour. This is essential for the colour rays to reach us in full measure.

Anyone can learn how to evaluate their own colour spectrums and how to correct them. If you are at all sensitive to energies, it’s easy.  

Working with therapeutic-quality gemstones—and in particular the colour-ray gems—gives you some control over your life. While you may still have the experiences you need to balance your karma and learn the lessons required for spiritual growth, you’ll have the tools to make your journey easier. All we need is colour.

Isabelle Morton, B.S., M.G.T.P., an author, intuitive, inventor, and entrepreneur, dreams of a world where gemstones are equally popular as herbs for healing. To fulfill that dream, she is passionate about teaching others about Gemstone Therapy and has founded the Gemstone Therapy Institute. You can learn more at www.GEMFormulas.com. Also, see the display ad on page 19 of the 20.5 January/February issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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