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Volume 26 Issue 1
September/October 2020

Taking Care of Our Mental Wellness

Eating Better for Your Health and Satisfaction

Book Review: All Things Being Equal: Why Math is the Key to a Better World by John Mighton

Salt Therapy – Is This Right for You?

The Broadway Health Collective Welcomes You

The Cannabis Plant and Our Relationship with Nature

Fight, Flight, or Freeze


The Broadway Health Collective Welcomes You
by Pam Fichtner
Audrey Doepker

Welcome to Broadway Health Collective (BHC), just off Broadway Avenue on 9th Street in Saskatoon. BHC was originally opened in 2003, under the name “A Place Of Resonance,” by Mariah (Metis) and Raven (Nehiyaw) Sinclair. The space came about through collective will to provide a grounded place to quiet the mind, body, and soul, and open up to deep, meaningful wellness. We have grown in number over the years as a variety of independent practitioners sharing space and resources, with the vision of being welcoming to all who enter, regardless of gender identification/expression, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

The name changed to Broadway Health Collective in 2013 with the original intention of the space continuing to hold true for us today. We appreciate and honour the Collective’s roots, continuing to provide a safe and welcoming space for First Nations and Metis to receive high quality care. The sharing of our history holds the energy of the space, facilitating our collective work, and maintains the beauty of the physical space in a harmonious way. This awareness helps us continue to create an atmosphere that allows for peace, relaxation, contemplation, nurturing, and healing.

We are excited to announce our first collective website, www.broadway.health. BHC also has a Facebook and Instagram social media presence, and some practitioners have individual websites. At this time, more than ever, we are united as a group of health providers offering our services under one in-depth, easy-to-use website! We encourage you to check it out and give us feedback.

It has been a wonderful process creating the website, and at the same time, we have a new logo. This new logo honours our beginnings with the painted circle representing the medicine wheel and four directions, with the tree flourishing within it. The intricate network of branches of the tree represents our connection to our clients, friends, family, community, ancestors, and nature through the interdependence of all things. It’s a reminder that we are never alone or isolated. Through awareness and knowledge, we are provided with the power over our own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life, with the support of our community. The medicine wheel honours the founders of BHC and the principles this space of healing was built upon. The peaceful and relaxing presence of the Dutch Elm is part of the Broadway District’s urban forest, signifying growth, vitality, and health-giving inspiration, providing power to the work done by clients and practitioners. 

We have put together a team of committed practitioners dedicated to your total health and wellness. The group is passionate about creating a safe space where people can come together to feel whole and connected to their vitality. We empower everyone to feel better in the way they desire. We are a diverse group from many disciplines with one key goal—attending to your individual healthcare needs. We have numerous practitioners working full-time, part-time, and casual, allowing for flexibility. Our names are Pam Fichtner, Paul Buffel, Trevor Morog, Susan Pulvermacher, Jenna Gordon, Kelsey Schick, Tammy Wyatt, James Kohut, Jenny Kyplain, Joelle Nadeau, Rylan Berton, Rose Marie Laird, Kimberly White, Kyla Bouvier, Kara Davis, and Nina Zettl. 

We offer over 30 treatment and class options under our website menu selections of Manual Therapies, Natural Health Therapies, Primal Care Centre, and Virtual Sessions and Classes. Go to our website at broadway.health and search under “Services” for more information on each of these effective treatments, which can be combined to provide you with a custom health and wellness plan to meet your needs, optimizing your well-being.

You’ll love our easy-to-use online booking. Go to broadway.health and click on “Schedule an Appointment.” Register your name and return anytime to check your future appointments, billing statements, review health home care, and more. Appointment reminders by email or text are helpful. 

In terms of the COVID pandemic, we have safety and cleaning precautions in place to effectively address any concerns that you may have at this time. When you go to book your appointment online, there is a COVID intake questionnaire form that we ask you to fill out 24 hours before your appointment, so that we know you are safe and well to proceed with your appointment. We also have a video you can watch to see what precautions we are taking to make you feel comfortable in our space. 

Our community endeavours include meal preparation at Ronald McDonald House, financial and goods donations to Crisis Nursery and Adelle House, and a Saskatoon Food Bank COVID campaign. We participate yearly in the Broadway Street Fair, primarily with Saskatoon Massage Therapy Supply (SMTS). SMTS has been at BHC for 14 years and has now moved entirely to online sales with delivery and pick-ups available. Order your supplies by contacting Dale Jack at 306-321-7858 or www.saskmassage.ca.

Rental of arm compression pumps, paraffin wax units, eye surgery face cushions, lasers, massage chairs and tables are also offered through the link to SMTS under the “Products” menu on our website.

Classes taught by the Collective include Thai Massage, Breast Massage, Healthy Breast Foundations, Massage Therapy at massage schools, and events (SCYAP, Saskatoon Business School, Teachers Union). We are involved in various community initiatives such as the Muskeg Lake Violence Against Women Day and Men’s Day, research projects, articles, videos, and more. Check us out on the website under the menu item “The Word.”

Pam Fichtner, RMT has been with Broadway Health Collective since its beginnings. She loves the safe, healing energy of the space and how welcoming everyone feels when they enter it. She enjoys working with all the clients and practitioners and hopes that you will take the time to get to know each one, as they create customized treatment plans with you, so you can control your health outcomes and feel part of a supportive community. You deserve to feel well! 


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