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Volume 26 Issue 4
March/April 2021

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How Does Reiki Healing Help Us Treat Mental Health Concerns?
by Jenine Boser
Jenine Boser

“After a session, you will likely feel calm, light, and rejuvenated. Your mind may be more creative and clearer, your body will likely feel tingly and fresh.”

What is reiki?

Reiki is a 100-year-old energy healing technique from Japan that focuses on seven main chakras in the body. What is a chakra, you ask? A chakra is a centre for energy in our body that relates to physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our life and body. During a reiki session, whether we meet in person or on a Zoom call, the client remains fully clothed and relaxed by lying down or sitting comfortably. From there, I “tune in” to your unique energy and may start asking questions about your health. I feel the client’s pains, emotions, and concerns in my own body, as a healer, and will “move” any blocked energy the client is experiencing, to alleviate symptoms and stressful emotions.

What is a “block?” When we experience a block in our natural energy flow, we experience physical pains, emotions such as irritability, and more. The root of all illness, according to energy healing, is just that—energy! When our energy is in balance and alignment, we feel healthy, our emotional state is calm, and we are able to live our life easily. When our body’s natural energy flow falls out of alignment and becomes “blocked,” we feel it as pain and heightened emotions. As an energy healer, I help clients get to the root of their pain. For example, did you know shoulder pain is most often due to feeling a burden on or responsibility for others? We feel we are caregiving for others, constantly carrying their workload, as well as our own. When we acknowledge this and reflect on the areas of our life causing us this stress, we can choose to let the pain go. We can choose to speak clearer, set boundaries, and ask for help. Shoulder pain asks us to let go and ask for assistance. The body is full of messages like this. As a reiki healer, I help the client understand the body’s messages.

How can reiki help my mental health?

If someone is experiencing mental illness symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, low self-esteem, and physical aches, I can help them understand the messages in their body. In my experience, depression comes from our solar plexus chakra, which is our centre “self.” Our self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth come from this chakra. When life deals us hit after hit, our self-confidence erodes, we lose the balance in our gut and digestive track, and over time we become increasingly stressed. If left untreated and unsupported, we start to experience severe symptoms of sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness that we call “depression.” Anxiety, bipolar, and PTSD also have roots in emotions, stress, and an imbalance in our chakra systems. I have several blog posts and videos on my website (see below) and YouTube that dive further into this topic.

During a one-on-one healing session, which typically lasts an hour, I help the client’s body realign. I help the body find stillness, calmness, and we move your nervous system from the “fight or flight” response to the “rest and repair” response. After a session, you will likely feel calm, light, and rejuvenated. Your mind may be more creative and clearer, your body will likely feel tingly and fresh. These are all signs we have “moved energy,” as I like to say. These are good signs that we have made progress.

I generally recommend having three reiki healings one week apart to start your healing journey. The more often we receive reiki, the more our body is used to moving into a calm state. We experience benefits quicker and they tend to last longer after the initial third session. Mental health and trauma treatment is my specialty, and as such I have developed a three-month healing program called IGNITE to release blocks in the chakra system, provide you with personalized mental support, and to teach you about your body’s unique signals.

Jenine Boser is a reiki healer located in Regina, SK, who specializes in mental health and trauma treatment. For more information and to book online, visit her website www.intuitionawakening.com or call (306) 519-4511. She offers 30- or 60-minute reiki healing sessions, as well as private coaching in-person or safely via Zoom. Follow her on Insight Timer, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube for lots of free healing tips, group reiki healings, and lessons on a variety of alternative medicine topics. Her main take away for you today is this—“Look at your body in a new light. You are not broken, and healing is always possible.”


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