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Volume 27 Issue 6
March/April 2022

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Exciting New Practitioners at Broadway Health Collective!

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Exciting New Practitioners at Broadway Health Collective!
by Pam Fichtner
Pam Fichtner

During these most stressful times in this pandemic, it is even more critical that we all are supported to maintain a healthy life. One of the ways you can do that is to get support from a variety of healthcare practitioners, taking a multifaceted approach to meeting your needs. Broadway Health Collective (BHC) has been here throughout the pandemic, and we continue to change, adapt, and grow to be all that we can for our clients.

We have a wide range of practitioners who offer their services, including massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, craniosacral, nursing services, reflexology, laser, lymph, bodytalk, ayurvedic, and more. Using an integrated approach, many BHC clients see more than one practitioner, appreciating the convenience, value, and attention they are given by their team.

In the past year, we have had new practitioners join us, adding their depth of knowledge and experience to our services. In this article, we will highlight four practitioners, while reminding you that you can go to broadway.health to see the full healthcare team. Our newest team members are Denise Holmlund, Becki French, Eleanor Baldwin, and Lisa Munro.

Denise Holmlund is grateful for her 30 years of nursing experience, that makes her available and eager to help people navigate through our complex health system. Today, doctors are not able to spend as much time with you during your appointments. Denise can help you figure out what the most important issue is and document the details of your appointment, so you can review it later, as many times as you need to. That way you won’t miss anything, and by following instructions fully, you will feel better sooner, feeling empowered, and in control of your outcome. Her other passion is helping people understand the importance of disease prevention. This can be done using various methods. Initially understanding where you fit into the five pillars of health will help Denise determine your direction of care. Her five pillars of health are “Eat–Sleep–Move–Think–Community.” A healthy balance is necessary to prevent dis-ease. She offers services such as patient advocate/navigator, ayurvedic technician, advanced footcare, craniosacral, and lymphatic drainage. She would love to meet you, hear your stories, and support your care.

Eleanor Baldwin combines her extensive knowledge of body function and movement with her rebel spirit and overthinking mind to create massage treatments that are therapeutic in nature, while remaining deeply relaxing and interestingly informative. Eleanor has additional training in RAPID Neurofascial Reset, both upper and lower body, as well as nerve impingement. The how and what of RAPID Neurofascial Reset are in the name. The goal is to reset muscle tone, pain, and restriction. By taking tension over a painful or restricted area of fascia and combining client’s movement, the nervous system is able to downgrade hypersensitive areas and restore mobility. It is an intense treatment that works fast. RAPID has the potential to successfully relieve or resolve many painful conditions such as, but not limited to, tennis elbow, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, TMJD, migraines, arthritis, frozen shoulder, whiplash, and injuries such as fracture, sprain, strain, scar tissue, and bruising. Eleanor has also observed that by taking her clients into their pain, turning it up and feeling it come down, it helps alleviate fear and apprehension of movement that can come from chronic pain.

Becki French has been a registered massage therapist since 2009. Upon graduating from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy, she worked for several years as an RMT in Saskatoon, taught massage therapy at PIMT, and completed a fire cupping course. After four years of teaching, she greatly missed working with clients and went back to massaging. Throughout the years, she has gained experience in both spa and clinical settings. She enjoys meeting new people, hearing their stories, and seeing the results in her clients who receive regular massage treatments. It is a great privilege to be a part of their healthcare journey. When she is not massaging, she is busy with her two young daughters. In the summer, they are in training at their family-owned ice cream store. Their favourite part of the job is taste-testing all of the ice cream! As a team member of BHC and this amazing group of healthcare practitioners, she looks forward to meeting you!

Lisa Munro has been practicing foot reflexology for three years and is in training for hand reflexology. She is very enthused about sharing both modalities with you. Lisa also offers acupressure therapy as a complement to her sessions. Some of the key benefits of her treatments are relaxation, well-being, opening of blocked channels, and reduction in sleep disorders, circulation problems, depression/anxiety, joint pain, swelling, and inflammation. She is currently taking new clients and would love to share the magic with you.

As you can see, there are a wealth of services to choose from to feel better about your health journey, whether that be physical pain reduction, increasing movement, or having a better frame of mind with which to enjoy all the activities that you love to do! Our motto is “You have the power to heal. Together we unleash it.” We hope to see you feeling vital, connected, and strong in your body.

Pam Fichtner is a founding member of Broadway Health Collective in Saskatoon and loves the feeling that has been created for everyone who enters—safe, calm, and healing. See her Sephira ad on page 15 of the 27.6 March/April issue of the WHOLifE Journal for all that she offers. Book yourself in for an appointment with any of the practitioners by going to the website broadway.health where you can learn more about BHC, their blogs, Reconciliation in Action, and their BHC Gallery linking art and health together. For more information email sephira@sasktel.net or call 306-230-7407.


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