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Volume 30 Issue 1
May/June 2024

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Have Fun BEing YOU :-)


Have Fun BEing YOU :-)
by Logan LeBlanc
Christina Harabor

Inner Nature Adventure Camp (INAC) is a fun kids empowerment camp with an emphasis on emotional intelligence, self-regulation, and inner confidence. This is an environment where you can show up and shine as your weird, loud, unique, and silly selves with nature as both teacher and sanctuary. In this camp, you will learn more about your inner nature, the nature around you, and maybe a survival skill, or two. In today’s fast-paced world, where children are often bombarded with technology and academic pressures, there is a growing need for educational experiences that not only honour each child’s individuality, but also cultivates a deep connection with the natural world.

At the heart of INAC lies the belief that every child is a unique expression of the divine, worthy of celebration, reverence, and unconditional love, for simply being their authentic selves. Campers will embark on a journey of self-discovery in order to create awareness of their own inner critic, to learn to respond rather than react to situations, and to ignite that inner engine of intrinsic motivation, so that they feel empowered to make a positive change in their lives. Cultivating the ability to respond, rather than to react impulsively, is a practice rooted in intention, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. In this camp, kids will explore the transformative power of choosing to respond consciously, delving into the benefits and practical strategies for navigating life with greater clarity, confidence, and purpose.

Have you ever wondered what your child’s EQ was?

I will help campers understand their complicated emotions, to self-regulate, and walk away with coping tools to ease the sometimes turbulent inner world of emotional energy. If I had someone teach me about emotional intelligence when I was younger, that would have made my formative years much easier and less confusing.  My goal with all of my students during my 15 years of teaching experience (ages 1-18) has always been the same: to help them find calm, confidence, joy, and intrinsic motivation.

Campers will learn:

  • how to cultivate connection with self, others, and with nature
  • tools to tend, tame, and stoke their inner flame
  • life lessons through breath, mindfulness, and games
  • what their inner nature is
  • while playing and exploring outside

Rather than imposing a rigid curriculum, I follow the natural interests and curiosity of each individual as it arises (emergent-based curriculum), allowing them to take the lead in their educational journey. Whether we are exploring the wonders of the natural world, engaging in creative arts/crafts, playing interactive games, or diving into mindfulness practices, I will SPOIL EM.

Although there is a ton of freedom within the form, there is a SPOIL EM structure to each day. SPOIL EM is an acronym to follow to ensure that each day there is some intentional time for each component: Social time, Play time, Observation time, Individual time, Learning time, Exercise time, and a time for Mindfulness.

Logan LeBlanc is a dad, a teacher, and a forever student of the natural world, on a mission to spread more joy, unity, and empowerment everywhere he goes. He loves learning and exploring the natural world, while teaching students about their inner world and how to live in harmony with the two. He has Forest School experience guiding land-based nature immersed programs and various camps. He is adamant that the younger generations need to get outside and connect with nature more frequently, for so many reasons. His hope is for more kids to experience the healing power of being in nature, to create more play in their day, and to learn some tools to empower their inner awareness. Less screen time, more nature scene time. He believes that NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder) is affecting us all and that he is here to inspire others to connect with the nature around them and their own inner nature.

Logan LeBlanc, B.Ed., ECE III, RYT, RCYT, CLYL. For information see the display ad on this page 22 of the 30.1 May/June issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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