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Samantha Kane-Kennedy

MH VIcars School of Massage Therapy

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Rebounders/Certified Reboundologists


Needak® Softbounce™ Rebounders

Incorporate regular rebound movement into your personal healthy lifestyle and/or your health and fitness profession. Discover how vertical motion is useful in therapy and physical fitness, flushing the entire lymphatic system in two minutes, strengthening and oxygenating cells, healing, energizing, and lifting spirits.

Rebound movement utilizes the three natural vertical forces of acceleration, deceleration, and gravity to strengthen every cell in the body equally and simultaneously, with buoyancy and less shock to the weight-bearing joints. This feat is accomplished by the triple force that is placed on each cell during the downward bounce.


Rebounder equipment picture

As one bounces, one is accelerating and decelerating in the same plane, in other words, vertically with gravity. During other movements, such as walking, running, and playing tennis, one's acceleration and deceleration are in the horizontal plane. During normal exercise, one opposes gravity with only one force. As early as 1911, Albert Einstein postulated that when the forces of acceleration and deceleration are aligned in the same plane as gravity, the cells of the human body feel all three forces as if they are each gravity. The magic is that the body already knows how to adjust to an increased force of gravity — the cells become stronger.

Read the WHOLifE Article:
Rebounding: A Defence Against Cancer

by Linda Brooks


Vertical Motion Therapy and Fitness Benefits:

* Lupus
* Inflammation
* PreNatal and PostPartum
* Nutrition
* Cancer
* Edema
* High Blood Pressure
* Viral Infections
* Vision
* Stroke
* Varicose Veins
* Asthma & Allergies
* Back & Joint Pain
* Sports Training
* Physical Therapy
* Chronic Sinusitis
* Heart Disease
* Prostatitis
* Much More!


* Cholesterol
* Arthritis
* Digestion 
* Bacterial Infections
* Ear & Balance Problems
* Obesity & Weight Loss
* Hearing
* Memory* Osteoporosis
* Fibromyalgia
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Stress
* Incontinence
* Eczema and Skin Conditions
*  Peripheral Vascular Disease
* Education 
* Loss of Energy
* Fibrocystic Disease
* Chronic Fatigue
* Repetitive Parasitic Infections
* Lymphoedema

Certified Reboundologists:

Beverley Ann Bazowski
Exclusive Canadian Distributor, Saskatoon
Toll Free 1-877-988-9300

Dealer/Marketing Rep. Enquiries Welcome










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