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Volume 22 Issue 2
July/August 2016

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Animal Communication: They Can Hear, Feel, and Sense Our Thoughts
by Jadi Kindred
Jadi Kindred

Animal communication is real. We all have this gift, but most people's minds are too busy to hear an animal's whisper.

Animals and nature try to speak to us on a daily basis. Perhaps the bee that buzzes past you brings you back into the present moment or the deer you see in your backyard reminds you of the beauty all around you. Have you ever wondered what messages animals are trying to share with you?

While on the way home from a spiritual conference in Vermont, USA, I was driving alone and saw a bear crossing the highway in front of me. I had just purchased the book, Animal Guides by Steven D. Farmer, PhD, earlier that day and he writes that if a bear shows up in your life it means, “To find answers to your questions, go inside rather than reading or consulting others.” I had to giggle because that was precisely what I was forgetting to do. While at the conference, I was busy buying many books and picking up business cards for consultations. That bear was my messenger to look within for my own answers. It was a beautiful reminder to return to a 10-day silent meditation retreat that I attend annually.

While meditating for ten hours per day, I retreated into deep solitude. On one particular day, the mediation brought up a lot of irritability and unease, so I left the meditation hall to take a walk outside. Once outside, I suddenly saw a big toad, which surprised me. Again, I consulted Steven Farmer’s book and read the toad’s message that, “It’s a good time to withdraw into solitude and contemplate emotional or spiritual matters.” I could also relate to the toad’s message that, “This is a volatile period of personal change, one where you’ll feel unsettled and fragmented, yet one in which a new ‘you’ will emerge feeling more integrated and whole.”

Upon my return home from the retreat, I realized I no longer wanted to rely on consulting a book to receive messages from animals. Therefore, I went on to complete an intensive Animal Communication workshop in California with Marta Williams, a biologist, author, and professional animal communicator. During that workshop, I became confident in intuitively connecting with both animals and nature.

Intuition is like a silent partner who wants to help and guide you, but who speaks in a language you don’t recognize. To develop your intuition, you need to understand its language. Intuition sends us messages in different forms all the time, every day. Sometimes intuition can be a gut feeling like when you feel certain of something without any logical basis for the feeling. Other times, intuitive messages can come to you in words that you read, hear spoken/sung, or through symbols, and dreams. Some ways to know that you are tapping into your intuition as opposed to your thoughts include: information you receive comes in quickly, sometimes even before you can ask or complete the question; the information you receive is so odd that you think it must be wrong; you know you could not have made it up yourself; or you have an absolute feeling of certainty.

When I returned home from the workshop, I continued to develop my intuition and communication with animals. One afternoon, I was sitting outside and I simply asked nature to speak to me. Barely finishing that thought, I saw a huge groundhog appear from the bushes and run directly toward me. He startled me, but I interpreted his presence as a messenger so I began to ask him questions. This intuitive conversation with the groundhog was so touching as he shared his loving message that, “As you can see, we are all very talkative and have lots of advice and stories. You simply just need to ask, then sit quietly and listen. Call on me more often, please.”

Animal communication is real. We all have this gift, but most people’s minds are too busy to hear an animal’s whisper. It is so subtle that we simply don’t trust or believe it is actually happening. Animals can hear, feel, and sense our thoughts, yet we just need some practice to receive theirs. Once you have practised receiving correct answers to enough verifiable questions, your confidence in your intuition increases. Through these undeniable connections, you will begin to know that animal communication is genuine.

I invite you to attend my two-day Animal Communication workshop where you will be in a supportive environment with like-minded individuals who share the same interest in reconnecting with themselves and nature. Embrace your intuitive abilities and learn how to communicate with animals and receive the healing messages they want to share with us.

Jadi Kindred is an entrepreneur, animal lover, and the author of Intuitive Animal Connections, a heartwarming true story about the spiritual lessons she learned from abandoned dogs she rescued. She will be facilitating a two-day workshop on Beginner Animal Communication and Animals as our Healers, Messengers, and Mirrors offered either on July 23–24 or August 6–7 in Regina. Please visit www.intuitiveconnections.ca for more information. Also, see the Calendar of Events ads on page 5 of the 22.2 July/August issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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