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Volume 22 Issue 6
March/April 2017

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A Pathway to Health Saskatoon Lecture by Dr. Andreas Flörchinger, MD, from Germany about Free Access Local Healing Communities and Verifying their many “Inexplicable”

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CHI Current – An Update on the Community Healing Initiative in Saskatoon


A Pathway to Health
Saskatoon Lecture by Dr. Andreas Flörchinger, MD, from Germany about Free Access Local Healing Communities and Verifying their many “Inexplicable”

by Robert White
Robert White

“I am pleased to be speaking in Saskatoon on April 20 as part of a series of medical lectures in Canada and the USA,” said Dr. Andreas Flörchinger, MD. Dr. Flörchinger is a General Practitioner (GP) in Germany and is also qualified in emergency medicine plus naturopathic, homeopathic, and anthroposophic medicine.

“I am one of the team of four physicians responsible for the worldwide work of the Medical and Scientific Group (MWF) of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends,” Flörchinger explained. “Part of our task is offering medical lectures about the potential for people to regain their health and well-being through applying the freely available teaching of Bruno Groening.”

“I learned about Bruno Groening from a patient in 2005,” added Flörchinger. “In short order, I read A Revolution in Medicine by Dr. Kamp, attended a doctor’s information lecture, and became part of the Circle of Friends and the MWF.”

“Most important and convincing to me was personally experiencing how to absorb the healing power, to feel it in my body, plus my father’s experience of a healing of weakness in the left side, after a stroke.”

The MWF includes over 6,000 physicians, health care providers, and scientists in over 60 countries. Physicians play a key role by systematically documenting the healing successes reported by people using this natural path of healing in supportive local circles. Since its founding 25 years ago, thousands of these healings, both spontaneous and gradual, have been studied and verified.


The Circle of Friends is an all-volunteer, service organization that extends the work of its namesake. Born in Germany, Bruno Groening (1906-1959) had a very strong connection to nature and the spiritual realm as a child. He came into the glare of international publicity in the spring of 1949 after he accepted an invitation to help a boy bedridden with progressive muscular dystrophy. Following Groening’s help, the boy could walk again. The grateful father asked Groening to stay in his house and help others. Innumerable inexplicable but observable healings, documented by neutral observers, took place, even when Groening simply spoke to crowds in the courtyard of the Herford residence. Soon, thousands were coming, plus national and international press. Over a two-month period, tensions arose between large crowds of eager help seekers and civic and health authorities during which prohibitions on Groening were enacted, appealed, relaxed, and then upheld.

The Revue magazine had sent a physician-psychologist to Herford to interview healed individuals. Upon verifying many healing successes, the Revue decided to fund a scientific study. Groening agreed, hoping that this would open a sanctioned way forward. Participants were selected mostly from patients of the Ludolf Krehl Clinik at Heidelberg University. They were pre-examined and diagnosed by a team of doctors and psychologists at the clinic. Then the team observed and recorded all of Groening’s verbal, non-contact, interactions with the 12 patients over a 12-day period in August, 1949. Follow-up examinations confirmed the healings, even of ankylosing spondylitis, considered incurable. Despite the positive assessment of Groening as “a naturally gifted doctor of the soul,” it was viewed as a medical activity. Groening insisted that he did not treat or heal in a medical way, and also did not charge or want to charge people, for in his view, only God could heal. The inevitable result, as at Herford, was that his activity was considered in conflict with state law concerning healing practitioners.

Though tragically misunderstood at the time, new medical research looking at how thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and spiritual connection affect health outcomes, has allowed a new appreciation of Groening’s work and teaching. Parallel to this, more physicians have become involved in the MWF. They now give medical lectures internationally and there are local communities in over 100 countries.

Bruno Groening spoke about life, health, and healing in very simple terms and he stressed the importance of people coming to a deep understanding of their spiritual nature. At the lecture in Saskatoon, you will learn a simple way to develop your natural, inner, spiritual connection and how that can help restore internal order. Groening described a subtle healing stream or current that can flow into and through our body when we tune into it correctly. For many, and, this was true for me as well, skepticism can be aroused when first encountering this. Current conceptual models do not explain spiritual forces and questions arise, such as: What is this healing energy? Why have I not heard of this? How can incurable conditions be healed? This is why the physicians in the MWF verify healings, publish the results in 11 languages, and offer these lectures. It helps people begin to trust and as one walks this healing path, a deeper meaning of how it works gradually reveals itself.

A dynamic understanding of spirit and sensitivity to subtle energy as part of healing was known in most cultures but has been set aside in modern materialistic thinking. Despite this, we commonly describe our state of well-being in terms of our level and quality of energy. Since I began applying the teaching of Bruno Groening over three years ago, my vitality, joy, and serenity have greatly increased and my intuition has opened up. Having studied various forms of meditation and healing for over 40 years, I know it is not the only way, but for me it is the most valuable because it is effective, there is great community support, and it is cost-free. It also synchronizes with what all religions and indigenous cultures teach about our essential spiritual reality and with new research in mind-body-spirit medicine.

This simple approach for daily recharge is the cornerstone of my well-being and I know that I will do it for the rest of my life. I am pleased to be part of organizing Dr. Flörchinger’s visit so that others can learn and benefit.


Both the general public and health professionals are welcome at the lecture at Station 20 West, 1120–20th Street West in Saskatoon on Thursday, April 20 at 7:00 pm. There is no charge to attend, as is the case for all Circle of Friends’ activities. A donation box is present at the door for those who wish to help defray costs. Parking: on-street across 20th St. at Ave. K, or across Ave. L at 20th St.

For more information email circle.saskatoon@gmail.com, phone 306-664-3331, text 306-270-2385, or see www.bruno-groening.org/en. There are also lectures in other provinces.

Robert White is the volunteer community leader of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends in Saskatoon. He is an ecologist by training and has worked in government, private, and non-profit sectors as a researcher and writer. His interest in healing began in the 1980s through training in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Reiki.


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