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Volume 23 Issue 1
May/June 2017

Sprouts: A Powerhouse of Nutrition

JourneyDance™ is a Ritual Journey of Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Transformation

Amazing Healing for Acute and Chronic Conditions

Meditating with Animals
How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us

Creating Your Own Ceremony

How to React With Patience and Understanding to Frustrating Situations with the Elderly

Embracing Un-stationary Fitness


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 23 Issue 1 — May/June 2017
by Melva Armstrong

Welcome to the 22nd anniversary issue of WHOLifE Journal. For me it has been another enjoyable and uniquely memorable year. No two years are alike, and I love working and sharing with all the people I meet. I feel truly blessed that this work brings me so much joy and happiness. I look forward to another year of putting together each issue along with the help and generous contributions of so many talented and health-conscious people who believe in natural ways of maintaining wholeness and wellness of the body, mind, spirit, and environment. WHOLifE is meant to be a vehicle for everyone to use to keep the community informed about all things whole and healthy. Thank you to everyone for supporting me over these many years. May we have many more together.

I am happy that spring has arrived and that winter is behind us. Every season has its beauty and precious moments that bring joy to my heart and put a smile on my face. I’m looking forward to lots of wondrous moments throughout the spring.

Although our world appears to be going through lots of changes that may feel negative, I am trusting they are all part of a natural awakening and transforming process that is making our planet a better place. It is easy to feel unsettled with so much of the news we hear, so I find it best not to listen to it. Instead, I read and listen to material that is uplifting and inspiring, such as a daily lesson based on positive thinking that reminds me that we create our own reality. Keeping a positive attitude can bring peace and joy. I trust you are all finding ways to bring light and love and joy into your lives on a daily basis. I wish you lots of happy, healthy thoughts as you go about each new spring day!

Once again, I went to the Two Women From Burr’s annual Earth Day Supper on April 22nd, held in the Burr Hall, just south of Humboldt. These two women, Marie Saretsky and Laurel Merkosky, cook up some of the most amazing whole and healthy food you will ever eat. They spend hours planning, organizing, and cooking for this event, and of course, they have grown all the food themselves and have it ready for use at their yearly supper. It’s all home-grown vegetables and local meat and other local products, such as bread and honey. It was another truly divine experience and I always want to go back the next day for more! I admire and thank Marie and Laurel for being such awesome earth women, for honouring the earth and all Her bounty, and for celebrating and acknowledging that it is our Earth Mother who gives us sustenance to stay alive. Way to go, my friends, for your many years of sharing your abundance and love of food with our community! You are true gifts to our world. Blessed be!

And speaking of food, WHOLifE is blessed to have Stacey Tress’s Mindful Eating articles included in each issue. This time she is focusing on Sprouts – A Powerhouse of Nutrition (p. 8). She explains why you ought to use sprouts and the incredible health benefits of some of the most popular kinds, as well as a delicious recipe. Stacey also offers workshops on sprouting, as well as on other kinds of food preparation, so be sure to contact her to find out more about her many offerings. She has a wealth of knowledge which she loves to share.

As you may know, I love animals. Therefore, when I heard about Pamela Robins book, Meditating With Animals: How to Create More Conscious Connections with the Healers and Teachers Among Us (p. 14), I knew I wanted to share her story with you. Having faced a number of serious challenges in her life, Robins discovered that her animals were instrumental in helping her get through them all. Her book is written with the hope of helping you see more clearly the teacher, the healer, the magical being who is right there at your feet—and the one also within you.

Other exciting articles to read include Amazing Healing for Acute and Chronic Conditions (p. 10), JourneyDance™ is a Ritual Journey (p. 16), Creating Your Own Ceremony (p. 26), Embracing Un-stationary Fitness (p. 30), Distracting Eating (p. 25), and How to React With Patience and Understanding with the Elderly (p. 12). May you enjoy this issue from cover to cover!

May the return of the light nourish your spring days and may you experience peace, joy, love, and good health always!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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