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Volume 23 Issue 2
July/August 2017

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Animals As Our Mirrors
by Jadi Kindred
Jadi Kindred

With animals, we can never pretend how we are feeling, since they can read us so easily.

I would like to introduce you to one of the greatest teachers in my life: Spring. He is a three-year-old Maltese/Pomeranian who came into my life September 2016. He looks gentle on the outside, yet can teach me lessons in the most profound, direct, and effective ways.

He teaches me by mirroring me, and he does this on a daily basis by showing me how I act or react in this world. For example, when he doesn’t feel like I am speaking in a soft enough voice or tone that he deems appropriate, he will instantly turn from this cute, loving, cuddly dog into a dog that is ready to attack by barking and growling. He shows me in that moment what I look like and what I am emanating. His reaction helps me to stop and calm down, and so does he.

He teaches me limits by showing me the boundaries he respects for himself. I find that very admirable because I forget to demand that kind of respect for myself at times. This is shown to me daily when he jumps onto the bed and I ask him to get off. When I am heart-centred, I sweetly whisper, “Spring, off,” and he immediately jumps off the bed. I respected him and thus he respected my wishes. In the middle of the night he often jumps onto the bed again, waking me up. Feeling more annoyed the second time, I notice my voice becomes a bit harsher and I say more firmly, “Spring, off!” He feels my frustration and he promptly starts to growl to remind me that I don’t need to speak to him like that. He reminds me that I can speak to him in a gentle way and still get what I want. So he growls, and I stop and apologize.

Then I remember to say in a whisper, “Spring, off,” and he instantly jumps off the bed again. He continuously and consistently reminds me of the lesson of speaking in a calm, respectful way. Everything unfolds in an easy and effortless manner when I do.

He also mirrors how I am feeling. Sometimes I get too caught up in my head and I forget to live in my heart. When that happens, I feel more disconnected from my body and I don’t notice the energy I am projecting into the world. With animals, we can never pretend how we are feeling, since they can read us so easily. If I approach my partner or Spring with anger, frustration, or anxiety, he will automatically mirror my energy and growl. When I enter the room and he feels that my energy is not vibrating as high as he thinks it should be, he will let me know. This helps me to re-centre so I can come from a place of love into his space. Everything then returns to being full of love and peace.

I am grateful for having this teacher in my life to continuously, consistently, and unconditionally show me when I am not living in my heart or when I forget to act in a gentle way. With him, it comes from a pure place, and once I realign myself, he comes back to being the sweetest, most lovable dog you will ever meet. I feel so fortunate to have him in my life, and through the workshops I facilitate, I have the opportunity to learn from others how their animals mirror them on a daily basis as well.

There are infinite stories to express, and I love facilitating workshops where like-minded people come together in a safe and supportive environment to share the lessons and healing messages they have received from animals. I invite you to join me in a two-day uplifting workshop focused on Animals as Our Mirrors on Thursday and Friday, July 27–28 in Regina. I will be holding a special workshop open to anyone and everyone, whether they have the means to attend this workshop or not. Only the rental fee will be charged, and participants are invited to offer a gift only at the end of the workshop, at their discretion.

Jadi Kindred is an entrepreneur, animal lover, and the author of Intuitive Animal Connections. This is a heartwarming, true story about the spiritual lessons she learned from abandoned dogs that she rescued. She will be facilitating a two-day workshop on Animals as Our Mirrors on July 27–28, and Introductory Animal Communication & Animals as our Healers & Messengers on July 29–30 in Regina, SK. Please visit www.intuitiveconnections.ca to register.


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