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Volume 23 Issue 4
November/December 2017

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Planning Ahead For Supporting Good Health
by Susan Lee
Audrey Doepker

Wouldn’t it be nice to prevent health issues before they take hold. Preventative steps on a regular basis may be the answer to feeling well as we go through our day.

There are hundreds of contributing factors to our state of wellness. Exercise, nutrition, and sleep are the most talked about, but when was the last time you listened to your body? Tension, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that no longer hold true need to be dealt with. A health care system like BodyTalk is able to identify and address these concerns. Once the mind has awareness of these interfering factors, the body’s innate ability to heal itself is put into action.

It is not just the Mind. The heart and gut work with the brain in a team effort. You have often heard of someone following their gut or their heart. BodyTalk understands this. Assimilation of life happens in the gut as well as the processing of our food. That is why when something is bothering us, we often get diarrhea, can’t eat, or binge eat to feel better. The heart processes our relationship with ourselves and others. Heart, as the seat of awareness, is also involved in the relationships between various body parts like the nervous system within the stomach as an example. This further indicates why being upset with someone upsets our digestive system.

One idea for a great preventative maintenance plan would be to have monthly BodyTalk sessions.

One of Susan’s clients wrote this testimonial based on a year of monthly support:

“When I signed up for Susan’s BodyTalk subscription I was returning to work from a maternity leave, I was 3 months pregnant and had a 12 month old. Life was busy and ever-changing. I embraced the sessions to assist with the changes both physically in my body as well as in my life. It was a guarantee that once a month for the next year, I was going to receive and practice self-care when so much of me was in giving mode. The sessions were always insightful and provided new awareness that I didn’t have before. Even when life felt great, I approached the session with a desire to maximize the joy and help me to be present to all that was beautiful in my life. I am grateful for this offer that Susan provided over the previous year because it made self-care for a busy mom so accessible.”

Practical applications for this advanced health care modality that accelerates healing are many. A few things BodyTalk sessions can help you with are pain relief, sports injuries, accidents, emotional issues, preparing the body for surgery, low spirits, relationship woes, as well as Head-Heart-Gut Balancing. Furthermore, Susan has taken additional BodyTalk courses including Lymphatic Drainage, Pediatrics for BodyTalk Practitioners, Eastern Medicine, Structural Integration and Fascia Balancing. Her latest BodyTalk training is The Soul’s Journey—Exploring the Mind and the Three Brains.

BodyTalk asks the body, “What is its priority to work on?” Given the training and information the practitioner has to draw upon and the YES/NO responses the body gives to questions of areas of priority, a formula or treatment is revealed. This information is tapped into the head, heart, and gut area for processing and to implement changes within.

All ages can utilize BodyTalk. When working on a baby or toddler, the practitioner will use the parent as a surrogate. The parent-child relationship is strong.

BodyTalk can be done in person, by phone, or through internet connection. This allows people to have easy access to treatments when they are not able to come into a clinic.

At present, BodyTalk is not being used to its full advantage. People are unaware of “The BodyTalk System’s” applications for preventative maintenance. Experiencing BodyTalk personally is the best way to understand how it can benefit you.

Susan Lee, Advanced International BodyTalk Association Practitioner, runs a Saskatoon home-based clinic—Health Service 4U2B Well—by appointments only. Health Service 4U2B Well is offering a special on a year of monthly BodyTalk support. It works out to 50% saving on 12 sessions. For details call 306-716-2997 and/or visit www.bodytalkhealthservice.com. Also see the Directory of Services ad on page 18 of the 23.4 November/December issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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