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Volume 23 Issue 4
November/December 2017

Spice Up Your Holiday Season!

Take Charge of Your Bone Health

Helping Your Homeopath See the Iceberg

Canora Business Releases Unique Natural Spray with Significant Health Benefits

Planning Ahead For Supporting Good Health

The Way of the Bow: Three Seconds and Twenty Years Later (Part 1)

Prairie Spruce Commons Cohousing

We’Moon 2018 – La Luna: Datebook and Calendar


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 23 Issue 4 — November/December 2017
by Melva Armstrong

What a delightful autumn we have had so far. I appreciate that there are no ticks, mosquitos, or bugs. There are, however, lots of flies inside and out. I love the coolness in the air when I go for my regular walk with the dogs. I think they like the seasonal coolness as well. This year our little garden was abundant in tomatoes, from tiny to large, and lots of Swiss chard. There was some spinach and arugula that didn’t last long before they went to seed along with a few peas that were delicious. A lot of the seeds we planted didn’t come up, which was unfortunate. It was fun, though, to watch everything grow and to have some fresh greens right from the garden to the table each day. I trust your garden was full of all kinds of good things to keep you and yours healthy and happy. Growing our own food is not only enjoyable, but might also be a necessity in the very near future as the earth continues to undergo so many severe changes to its environment combined with the unusual weather patterns that are happening around the planet. I think it is a perfect time to do some research on self-survival in the face of any catastrophe that may suddenly occur. This is not meant to be alarmist but to recommend being prepared for emergencies that could happen anywhere and to anyone. Just some food for thought.

This has been another enjoyable issue to put together along with all the awesome folks who are part of it. Each journal always seems to unfold in magical ways that make my heart sing and my toes tingle. There is so much amazing talent all around us in this precious province we call home that there is no excuse for anyone not being healthy and whole. Every day I hear or read about therapies, treatments, products, or people that are right here in close proximity for everyone to take advantage of the abundant health care services being offered. I like the word “service” because I believe the whole reason we are each on this earth is to be of service to each other. It’s what makes people happy, both giver and receiver.

With the approach of the upcoming annual festive season, our Mindful Eating columnist, Stacey Tress, wants to get you into the mood with her article, Spice Up Your Holiday Season! (p. 8). She highlights the many benefits and delicious tastes of adding herbs and spices such as cinnamon, garlic, and fennel seeds to the food you cook and to those yummy hot drinks of tea, spicy apple cider, and hot chocolate that help make the season such a delight. As usual, she includes some tasty recipes for you to try.

I have included an article/excerpt called Take Charge of Your Bone Health (p. 10) by Dr. Laura Kelly and Helen Bryman Kelly because it is such an essential part of everyone’s life to always have strong bones no matter your age. This mother and daughter team worked together, doing years of research, and found a successful way for the mother to increase her bone density by eating a certain combination of foods that contain the full nutrient complement needed to rebuild new bone. Their book is both a nutrition plan and cookbook that explains how to prepare and combine whole foods to prevent and treat osteoporosis naturally. I am extremely impressed by the honesty and integrity of these two women to provide such a valuable resource for anyone who wants to have healthy bones for life.

We have a new Natural Reflections columnist, Colleen Bond, who wants to contribute on a regular basis to WHOLifE with articles that present ways to have a positive outlook on life. This issue’s article is called Positive Thoughts (p. 30), which includes some of her own emotionally painful experiences from her youth that she eventually overcame as an adult and has found ways to bring consistent joy into her life. She wants to help others be able to find more joy and happiness in their lives, too.

There is a wealth of other magnificent gems tucked inside these pages just waiting for you to find them. Enjoy!

May you have lots of spice in your life and enjoy the days of November and December to the fullest. May your festive season be bright and jolly and full of much love.

Blessed be! I am grateful to everyone for your love and support.

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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