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Volume 23 Issue 5
January/February 2018

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Feel the Healing Sound of Music Throughout Your Whole Body
VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy: A Profoundly Effective Approach to Wellness

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Feel the Healing Sound of Music Throughout Your Whole Body
VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy: A Profoundly Effective Approach to Wellness

by Beverley Dawson
Beverley Dawson

Are you experiencing… Stress/ Anxiety, Pain, Grief/Depression, Abuse, Lack of Sleep, Anger/ Fear, Low Self-Esteem?

Are you looking for… Spiritual growth, A sense of deep peace, Higher energy levels, Clarity, Enhanced vitality?

VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy (VAT) may be the answer for you.

Many of us love massages, but imagine a massage so deep that tissues, organs, and cells could also be “massaged.” That’s exactly what VibroAcoustic therapy, a low frequency sound massage, is clinically proven to do, and new research at the University of Toronto suggests that it may also help people with debilitating diseases. 

VAT uses sound to produce vibrations that are felt through the whole body. Instead of simply hearing the music through your ears, you feel the music throughout your entire being. This non-invasive, powerful healing technique combines ancient healing (sound) with modern technology (VibroAcoustics). In relaxed areas of the body, the sound waves pass through. Where blockages exist, the sound breaks them up so that faster healing can occur. 

During the VibroAcoustic therapy process, a person relaxes on specially designed furniture (chair, bed, or mat) that is embedded with speakers or transducers which transmit specific frequencies into vibrations.

I discovered Somatron’s VibroAcoustic music vibration equipment six years ago in my practice as a Reiki practitioner. Initially, I wanted to use the therapeutic equipment to help people who were experiencing deep levels of chronic pain. However, as I started working with sound therapy, I was led on a new path of discovery. I found the vibrational equipment helped most people to clear their mind and relax their body. I now use a Somatron recliner chair regularly in my practice. 

About the Equipment

VibroAcoustics have been used in private clinical settings since 1980 when prototypes of the technology were developed in Norway by Olaf Skille and others in Germany. The U.S. based Somatron equipment was developed in 1985. This technology has now experienced widespread use in health care, wellness, and education as well as in private settings.

How Does This Therapy Work?

It is based on the principle that life is vibration. Matter, including the human body, vibrates all the time, at various frequencies. Sound and music also vary in frequency. Therefore, when the various frequencies of sound and/or music are converted to vibration, which is introduced to the human body, it can be utilized to bring the body into a state of healthy resonance.

The Music

The music created for the Somatron VibroAcoustic equipment may be different from music people are used to hearing. It has been created to have maximum vibrio-acoustic effect and has been tested to be highly successful in reducing pain and anxiety. 

How Does the Somatron Music Help Reduce Anxiety and Manage Pain?

The musical elements of melody, rhythm, timbre (texture), dynamics, and harmony have been carefully engineered in Somatron Pain Management music to facilitate relaxation and feelings of well-being. This music is called “anxiolytic” because it is music that can reduce anxiety. It is this beneficial state of relaxation and low anxiety created from music vibrations which leads to successful pain management in the Somatron program.

What’s Involved in a Session?

The session is a pleasurable experience. While the music plays, you feel the music vibrations throughout your body as well as hearing the music. VibroAcoustics allow people to enter a state of deep relaxation where their mind and body may experience new feelings as they start to enter this state. Your body may feel warm and heavy or perhaps even tingly. You also may feel sleepy, groggy, or drowsy and may stay in this half-asleep or half-awake state throughout the session, or may actually fall asleep. Occasionally, people experience an “autonomic tic” as you become more relaxed. We have all experienced this at some time when our body jumps slightly as we are falling asleep (our nervous system is discharging energy). There is nothing unusual or harmful about this. Since brain waves are slower in a deep relaxation state than a normal waking state, they will slow down. This experience may be similar to how you feel just before you fall asleep at night since our brain waves slow down as we enter sleep.

Seven Health Benefits of VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy?

  1. The limbic system is signalled to return to a calm state, and over time helps the body to become better at self-regulation and more resilient to stressors.
  2. The Relaxation Response is activated, which creates a cascade of positive physical and emotional health benefits.
  3. The heart rate slows and heart rate variability improves, which is an indicator of stress resilience.
  4. Blood pressure lowers, which reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  5. Muscles relax, which in turn can reduce pain from tension and spasms.
  6. Pain lessens through a combination of increased relaxation and an increase of “happy” hormones.
  7. Circulation increases, which nourishes the cells and organs.

In a time when people are seeking health alternatives for combating stress, pain, and illness, we should reconsider the ancient wisdom of vibrio-tactile input. Modern technology now makes it possible for this healing modality to be put into practice and available to a wider population. 

Beverley Dawson, a Reiki Master since 2007, is authorized as a Somatron Practitioner in VibroAcoustic sound healing. She has worked as a Reiki Practitioner in Saskatoon since 2012 and combines energy therapy along with VibroAcoustics in her work. Contact information: (306) 221-9715, (306) 221-5150, email: bevd.editor@gmail.com. Also see the Directory of Services ad on page 19 of the 23.5 January/February issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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