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Volume 23 Issue 5
January/February 2018

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The Chakradance Journey

You are Love

The Way of the Bow: Three Seconds and Twenty Years and Twenty-five More Years Later (Part 2)

Investigation into Mind, Thought, Spirituality, and Floating


You are Love
by Cari Moffet
Cari Moffet

It’s been nearly three years since I’ve been introduced to Medical Intuition. Contrary to what some people think, we do not diagnose medical conditions as that is illegal without a medical license. Rather, we use our intuition to find where the energy is blocked in the body and chakras, shine a light on it, and then offer recommendations as to how a person can break through this block and allow their own energy to flow in a healthier way.

I am continually surprised at how, when I speak to people in their follow-up call, I often feel like I am speaking to myself. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as our energy attracts like energy. This past client was no exception. She arrived almost out of breath and took a seat in my trade show chair with a big exhale. She began telling me how lost she was feeling in the world and how people were causing her problems, how she had so much in life yet still felt unhappy. I listened and asked my Higher Power how I could help this lady. I knew she was vulnerable, and I appreciated her honesty as I believe there are many people feeling exactly like her either constantly or periodically.

Why do we think someone else or even something else can provide us with what we are searching for? What if we have everything we need within us rather than outside of us, but we have just forgotten how to provide for ourselves? It doesn’t take long to get overwhelmed with advertising for the latest and greatest answer to your problems. What if YOU were the answer? What if it were that simple?

If you believe you come from a source and that source is love, we then need to move back towards it. How can it be so simple yet so difficult? How does one love themselves? Well, how do you love others? You spend time with them, you care and nurture them, you listen to them, you encourage them, you hold them, soothe them, laugh with them, play with them—yes, it’s that easy. Now for yourself, when is the last time you spent time with yourself, cared for yourself, nurtured yourself, listened to yourself, encouraged yourself, held yourself, soothed yourself, laughed at or with yourself, or even played (you can interpret this word however your body needs to) with yourself?

When we honour and love ourselves the most in this world, the drama falls away. This may even include events, jobs, or people and it can hurt, but not as much as going through life dishonouring or not loving everything about you!

Is it time to take your power back, that you have maybe given away so freely? Is it time to come back to love? It’s so simple yet complex and possibly our lifelong mission while we are living! You are worthy of love, you are worthy of loving, you are worthy, you are love!

Cari Moffet is a Certified Medical Intuitive and Instructor at the International College of Medical Intuition. She incorporates energy work, essential oils, and life coaching into her Registered Massage Therapy practice in Meadow Lake, SK. Cari is a mentor, author, speaker, and retreat facilitator, and she would love to connect with you! www.carimoffet.com, carimoffet@hotmail.com, 306-240-5606. Also see the Directory of Services ad on page 21 of the 23.5 January/February issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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