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Volume 12 Issue 3
Sept/October 2006

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Bruno Groening Circle of Friends: A Spiritual Way to Healing


Bruno Groening Circle of Friends
A Spiritual Way to Healing

by Andrea Niemerg
Laura Burkhart

Gerhard Blaettner, a German medical doctor, recalls: "One day my own patients, whom I had been treating for over a decade, came to tell me about their healing through the teachings of Bruno Groening. From a medical point of view I had applied every possibility to help them, but I had not been able to heal their chronic suffering." Very skeptical at first, Dr. Blaettner was finally completely convinced of the effectiveness of Bruno Groening's teachings when his own wife was spontaneously healed from chronic arthritis. Since then, he has been delivering free public lectures on this topic all over the world, with the help of numerous colleagues from different countries.

Is there a healing power that can help people?

In his lectures Bruno Groening (1906-1959) constantly talked about the Divine force, or life force,—or Heilstrom, as he termed it—that anybody could take in easily. Bruno Groening became well-known with the public due to extraordinary healings which occurred during his lectures. Grete Haeusler from Hennef/Sieg, Germany, met Bruno Groening during his lifetime and experienced healing herself; she reports: "In August 1950, I attended a lecture of Bruno Groening in Munich. I attended this lecture with my girlfriend who was blind. Mr. Groening spoke of a healing power that anyone can feel in his/her own body. He said that God was the giver of this power. During the lecture I felt some very pleasant streaming in my body. I then had a feeling as though something very heavy had been taken away from me. I left the room free of pain and healed from three incurable diseases. I have remained healthy ever since. My girlfriend regained her eyesight. When I came home after this event I simply passed on to people what I had experienced with Bruno Groening and further healings started to occur among them."

Bruno Groening kept saying: "It is not me who does heal, it is the Divine force that helps and heals." This Divine power is free-of-charge, costs nothing at all, and can be used by anybody. After Bruno Groening's death, Grete Haeusler founded the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, an organization that passes on his teachings on a free-of-charge basis, all over the world. All incidental expenses are covered by voluntary donations. All helpers support the non-profit organization (Circle for Spiritual Life Help) out of gratitude for help and healing they received themselves.

Medical Physicians Help As Well

Together with his colleagues, Dr. Blaettner has delivered numerous free public lectures all over the world, which have been attended by more than 100,000 people so far. Dr. Blaettner is the leader of the so-called Medical Scientific Group. Even universities such as the medical school in Tucson, Arizona, USA, invited them to speak. The Medical Scientific Group is part of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. It includes several thousand physicians, psychologists, healing practitioners, and representatives from other health care professions in sixty countries. Physicians from this group are trained to record healing reports, and check and comment on the various healings that occur due to the intake of this Divine power. With the help of the physicians who organize themselves in work circles and medical communities, these reports are recorded in the central archive. Over 200 samples of such medically verifiable healing reports can be accessed and viewed on the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends website (www.bruno-Groening.org/english). Among other things, therapy-resistant migraines lasting for years, severe neuralgia, paralysis following strokes, cancer, multiple allergies, impaired vision, and even severe forms of drug dependency, have disappeared by following Bruno Groening's teachings, and after taking in this so-called Heilstrom, or life force.

In fall 2006, medical doctors from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will give lectures in North America. They will take place in 150 cities from Alaska down to the Mexican border, including 45 US states and five Canadian provinces. All these events are free-of-charge. Anybody who is looking for help and healing, or who is just open to experiencing this wonderful life force in his/her own body, is welcome. You can discover the source of power to help you in your daily life.

Bruno Groening said: "There is no incurable—God is the greatest physician."

Bruno Groening was born in 1906 in Gdansk. During his childhood many remarkable healings occurred around him which were later reported. He came to the attention of the public in Herford (Westphalia, Germany) in 1949 after the successful healing of Dieter Huelsmann, a young boy who suffered from muscular dystrophy. Following that up to 5,000 people gathered in front of the house of the Huelsmann family in order to receive healing through Groening. As contemporary witnesses reported, inconceivable healings occurred: blind people could see again, the lame threw away their crutches, and some people were able to leave their wheelchairs. During a medical assessment of Groening's talents that was carried out in collaboration with the University Clinic of Heidelberg (under Prof. von Weizsaecker; published by the Revue, 1949), the attending doctors witnessed several astonishing healings. In September, 1949, up to 30,000 people gathered around a country house near Rosenheim to hear Groening speak during a visit to Bavaria. Many files in the Groening archive document the healings of that time. During the following years he built up several communities (local groups) to make orderly activities and meetings possible. In spite of all the resistance and attacks by his opponents, who stopped at nothing, including public denunciations and lawsuits to ban his work, the healings continued. At the time of his death in Paris in 1959 he had established a basis from which his teachings could be passed on to a worldwide public, known today as the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. The healings that occur to the present day confirm the effectiveness of his teachings.

In fall 2006 there will be lectures in: Winnipeg, Sept. 28; Edmonton, Sept. 29; Calgary, Oct. 3; Regina, Oct. 4, Best Western Seven Oaks Inn, 7 pm; Saskatoon, Oct. 5, Frances Morrison Library, 7 pm. For information phone (519) 659-0611 or email: canada@bruno-groening.org. Details for all 150 lectures in North America are listed at: www.Bruno-Groening.org/english/vortrag/defaultvortrag.htm.

Andrea Niemerg lives in Germany and is a member of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.


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