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Volume 16 Issue 3
September/Oct 2010

What’s Your 12 x 12? The Sweet Spot Between Too Little and Too Much

Exploring the World of Food with Your Kids

The Effects of Body Composition on Health

Emotional Healing with Bach Flower Remedies

The Planet Needs Ecovillages

Saskatchewan’s Glorious Woodland Bounty

Being Joy—Venerable Lama Losang Samten


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 16 Issue 3 — September/October 2010
by Melva Armstrong

Today there is a small-house movement that is the result of concerns by many about what the planet’s inhabitants are doing to the environment, and what the environment is doing to us (wild fires, flooding, hurricanes, tornados), as well as a shifting economy. At the same time, some people are just desiring to live simply so that others can simply live. Because of these factors, architects and builders are now providing smaller housing alternatives, and in some cases like-minded people have even formed small house societies which you can check out on the internet. This is something that very much appeals to me because I believe in honouring the Earth and finding ways to have smaller footprints upon her. After all, we really only need enough food, clothing, and shelter to live well and happily, and everything else is extraneous.

After I discovered William Powers’ book Twelve By Twelve: A One-Room Cabin off the Grid & Beyond the American Dream, I was excited to know his story of why he lived by himself for one season in a small house in the woods without any power, water, or plumbing. According to Powers, he had worked overseas for 10 years as an aid worker and conservationist, and when he returned to America he was gravely concerned about the current global environmental situation and asked himself, “How could humanity transition to gentler, more responsible ways of living by replacing attachment to things with deeper relationships with people, nature, and self?” After asking this question, he was lead in a most fascinating way to live by himself in a very small house in the woods. From these experiences came his book which he has felt compelled to share with the world in hopes that it will help people live more consciously, lovingly, and gently on the planet. You can read more about Power’s unique experiences and philosophies in his article called What’s Your 12 x 12? The Sweet Spot Between Too Little and Too Much (p. 24).

On the same environmental topic, in our Colour It Green section, we have Howard Boldt’s article called The Planet Needs Ecovillages (p. 20), in which he explains that, “Ecovillages are about reduced environmental footprints, resource-sharing, energy efficiency, and generally finding improved solutions for all life’s daily needs and challenges.” This is a similar to William Powers’ ideas about improving our relationship with the Earth, while at the same time cultivating more harmonious human relationships, for a gentler more peaceful approach to living together on the planet. I believe these are all powerful goals and attainable for everyone.

As students return to school after the holidays, food writer Sandra Brandt has some thoughts about Exploring the World of Food with Your Kids (p. 12) in which she asks an all-important question, “Who tells your kids and you what to eat?” In other words, who is influencing your food-buying and eating habits? Is it the television commercials or your own wise intuition, education, and good health sense? Brandt says if parents consistently make time in their schedules to explore food with their kids, they will find it fun, fascinating, and rewarding for everyone.

“Each Bach flower remedy has a unique vibrational signature that helps to release blocked emotional energy,” writes practitioner Laurel Bay in her article Emotional Healing with Bach Flower Remedies (p. 16). “For example, if you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, Dr. Bach’s Elm remedy will help you regain a sense of confidence and control.” According to Bay there are 38 different remedies that can be combined into millions of blends, which would be prepared specifically for each individual case.

According to Jan Kindred in her article Crystal Light Healing™ (p. 40), “Mother Earth’s water has broken! Her contractions are beginning. She is in labour and we are ALL a part of a new consciousness that she is birthing here on Earth! The choices we make now are vital. If we can let go of fear and anger, release duality, live in peace, balance, and harmony with all of creation, and align with Love (the One Heart), then we will send much healing support to Earth and humanity during this important time of transition.” What a powerful message!

There is much more information to read on every page, so be sure to check out each one thoroughly for the carefully crafted thoughts and ideas that I trust will lead to your continued health and happiness.

May your days be filled with much gratitude for the many brilliant blessings you have in your life! May less feel like more!

(The Spirit in me honours the Spirit in you)

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