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Volume 20 Issue 4
November/December 2014

Our Daily Food – Choice or Chance?

Everything is About to Change

Beyond Right and Wrong: Using Mediation to Transform Conflict

Adventures in Lucid Dreaming

The Secret to Good Health and True Happiness

Geothermal and Solar as Heat Sources

We’Moon 2015: Wild Card


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 20 Issue 4 — November/December 2014
by Melva Armstrong

I have been totally basking in the gorgeous autumn weather. It has been so much warmer than many previous years, that I’m joyfully soaking it all up and feeling extremely thankful.
Having just returned from participating in the Wellness Expo in Regina, I have to say it was a very rewarding and delightful experience. I met lots of dedicated professionals who are in the service of well-being and it made my heart sing to know that so much is out there to help people keep themselves healthy and happy on their life journey. I was able to introduce WHOLifE to a number of folks who had not heard of it, so they left the show carrying a full bag of the past year’s issues to educate themselves about the many available resources. Of course, there were lots of folks who have been reading the journal for a long time who came and said hello and shared their kind and supportive words with me. It was a real joy to be in Regina and to visit with so many fantastic people. Thanks to Rick Thiessen and his crew for creating an excellent show.

In mid-September, I also participated in the first Anti-aging Beauty and Wellness Expo in Saskatoon. This was another opportunity to meet and greet a large number of guests as well as other exhibitors. It too was very successful and I loved meeting everyone. Thanks to Illiki and her partners for producing a show that addresses the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Now that I live in the country, attending these kinds of health expos is extremely important so I can keep in contact with the wellness communities in our province. I also deliver the journals in Saskatoon every two months, so this provides consistent opportunities for me to monitor the many delivery locations, as well as to meet those people who support and contribute so faithfully to the journal.

As mentioned last issue, we are blessed to have another, albeit final article on nutrition by Sandra Brandt called Our Daily Food – Choice or Chance? (p. 8) This time she covers a lot of territory when it comes to food consumption, citing how much of our daily lives are spent on this topic. It is amazing how our approach to food has changed over the years and how much of our daily routine revolves around so many aspects of it. We need it for our survival, so it makes sense when Sandra explains that humans make more than 250 decisions about food every day. Once again, thank you Sandra for your many generous and informative contributions to WHOLifE. May your new adventures be rewarding and fulfilling.

It is very evident that our world is rapidly changing and we are all being affected. According to writer Paul Hanley’s new book, Eleven, he argues that adding 3.7 billion people by the century’s end to an already overburdened world will force everyone to change everything. In his article, Everything is About to Change (p. 12), as well as in his new book, he introduces a new model of capacity building for cultural transformation. He says, “Making the world work for 11 billion people will be the most difficult task humanity has undertaken. It will take decades and centuries to reinvent humankind. But what better way to spend our time?” Congratulations Paul, on your new book. You exemplify the power of positive thinking. When more of us think positively, then our world will, as Paul suggests, be transformed into an ever-advancing civilization where one’s inner life and authentic relationships are paramount.

As you read on in the journal, you will find a diverse range of subjects from healthy ways to transform conflict (p. 10), to adventures in lucid dreaming (p. 16), from the five essential stages of lasting love (p. 14), to the secret to good health and true happiness (p. 24). You will discover the nutritional benefits of VEMMA (p. 23), you will lust after We’Moon’s 2015 wild card datebook (p. 26), and find yourself being curious about the unique benefits of geothermal and solar heat sources (p. 30). Enjoy it all!

Thank you, everyone, for your support in making WHOLifE possible, so it can be a regular source of natural health and wellness information for people to practise self care and to help keep our environment clean and safe.

May you all keep well and happy. May you enjoy the festive season, the winter solstice, and spend time doing things you love.

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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