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Volume 21 Issue 1
May/June 2015

Asparagus – Queen of Spring

Kava: The Relaxation Inducer ©2014

May is Fairtrade Month

Jane Goodall Teams with US Lawyer to Reveal Systematic Government and Scientific Fraud Regarding GE Food - Death of the GE Food Venture Declared

Growing Beekeeper and Public Concern About Honey Bee Losses

Reiki for Healing Children

Building a Neoliberal Canada


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 21 Issue 1 — May/June 2015
by Melva Armstrong

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I celebrate my 20th anniversary of publishing WHOLifE Journal. When I first began in 1995, I had no idea that I would still be doing this work twenty years later. I was so excited about starting my own new business, that I tended to live in the moment and didn’t think about the future. I just kept producing one after the other, year after year, and they’ve added up to twenty years. The journey has been truly amazing, full of many experiences that have created much happiness and provided me with opportunities for learning and growth. I feel blessed for all the people I have met and for all the support I’ve been given and that continues to be given to me. Almost every day, I have people complimenting me on my work, saying they are grateful to have such a publication available. This fits perfectly with my motto: “Bringing People Together.” I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and for being part of my life. You are all, in essence, my family and that brings great joy to my heart and soul.

I was hoping to have a celebration date organized for May, however, that hasn’t happened, so I’ll continue to work on that for later this year. I’ll have more information about it in the July/Aug 2015 issue. My apologies to anyone who was looking forward to the event being in spring.

The last two months have been quite lovely as I watched the long winter draw to a close and the snow disappear. I then witnessed the return of spring with its longer light and nature’s gifts waking up, stretching, and beginning their renewal process. It truly amazes me how the trees and bushes hold their life-force underground in their roots and when it gets warm, they automatically bring it up to produce their glittering leaves. Then, in autumn, they reverse the cycle again, year after year.

Once again, the material for this issue was guided to me so I could organize it and send it to my fabulous designer, Cheryl McDougall, who uses her many creative talents to make it beautiful. I love the process of working with everyone involved – the writers, advertisers, designer, printer staff, distribution helpers, and subscribers. There are many other folks I get to interact with, who also add to the fun and harmonious atmosphere.

As the days get warmer and the sun shines on the earth, some tall, thin green shoots start growing up like fingers, wherever they have been planted. It is these valuable perennials that Stacey Tress describes in her Asparagus—Queen of Spring (p. 8) article. How I love these green gems. She shares the many health benefits, a list of growing tips, and some yummy recipes. Enjoy!

You will notice in this issue I’ve done something a little different and included a politically-oriented article called, Building a Neoliberal Canada (p. 16) by Bruce Mason. After I read the article in Vancouver’s Common Ground magazine, something inside me felt I ought to reprint it in WHOLifE. The article is actually the review of a book written by a university professor, in which he explains the difference between neoliberalism and conservatism. It really educated me and helped me more clearly understand how our current federal government operates. This being an election year, I feel it is important to know and understand who and what we are voting for. I am voting for peace on earth, so whatever it takes to have this happen on our beautiful planet, I trust we will all be guided to find that way.

Something I disagree with is the process of genetically-engineering our food. What’s the matter with natural food? It’s what we were given in the beginning. When I heard an interview with lawyer Steven M. Druker about his book, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth (p. 12), in which he counters the disinformation that has enabled the genetically-engineered (GE) food venture to survive, I said, “Hallelujah!” He has teamed up with Jane Goodall, who says she’ll urge everyone she knows who cares about life on earth to read this book. I agree.

Sean McHugh reminds us that May is Fairtrade Month (p.15), so check that out and participate! Fairtrade empowers everyone! Be sure to read this issue from cover to cover, as it contains plenty of healthy and wholesome information to help you live your best life.

Until next issue, may you keep well and happy!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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