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Volume 21 Issue 1
May/June 2015

Asparagus – Queen of Spring

Kava: The Relaxation Inducer ©2014

May is Fairtrade Month

Jane Goodall Teams with US Lawyer to Reveal Systematic Government and Scientific Fraud Regarding GE Food - Death of the GE Food Venture Declared

Growing Beekeeper and Public Concern About Honey Bee Losses

Reiki for Healing Children

Building a Neoliberal Canada



Volume 21 Issue 1 —May/June 2015

The current issueAsparagus – Queen of Spring
by Stacey Tress

Asparagus is one of the most valuable perennials for the garden. It is harvested starting early in May, when fresh vegetables are scarce. Plants are not difficult to grow and will thrive under a variety of conditions. A good supply of water will help to produce a large yield of juicy, crisp shoots for immediate use, quick-freezing, fermenting, or canning. With proper care, an asparagus bed should produce for twenty years or more. The most common type of asparagus is green, but you might see two others in supermarkets and restaurants: white and purple. The white asparagus is produced by “hilling” up the shoots with sand to block out the light. The most important varieties of asparagus recommended for Saskatchewan are Washington strains and Viking.

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Kava: The Relaxation Inducer ©2014
by Joe Smulevitz

When most people in North America feel stressed, anxious, and restless and can’t sleep, they turn to sleeping pills, anti-depressants, or alcohol. In the South Pacific islands, the herb kava has been used for centuries to reduce stress, elevate mood, and improve sleep without the side effects of prescription drugs or alcohol. Kava (often referred to as kava kava in Polynesia or awa in Hawaii) is the name of both the plant (Piper methysticum), and a traditional pungent beverage prepared from the rootstock of the plant. In former times, kava was prepared by cutting the root into small pieces, and then chewed by several people, who spit the macerated pulp into a bowl, where it was mixed with coconut milk. The resulting mixture was strained before passing it around. This unsanitary method of preparing kava was replaced by the root being pounded or grated. A large number of high quality clinical trials have supported the traditional use of kava in the South Pacific islands as an effective treatment in the management of anxiety, restlessness, and stress. In addition to its significance as a medicinal agent, kava’s relaxing property has an important long established role in ceremonial events and social occasions in the South Pacific islands.

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May is Fairtrade Month
by Sean McHugh

On May 1st, Fairtrade Month will kick off a month of activities, events, sales, and stories. This month-long event will celebrate fair trade and everything that has been achieved to date. Community groups will host events, companies will run promotions in-store, and social media will be a-buzz with activity. The purpose? To drive awareness of fair trade, and what it means to producers, farmers, and artisans around the world

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Jane Goodall Teams with US Lawyer to Reveal Systematic Government and Scientific Fraud Regarding GE Food

Death of the GE Food Venture Declared
From www.alteredgenestwistedtruth.com

In an acclaimed new book launched at a press conference in London, England, on March 4th, 2015, American public interest attorney Steven M. Druker exposes how the US government and leading scientific institutions have systematically misrepresented the facts about GMOs and the scientific research that casts doubt on their safety. The book is titled, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public, and features a foreword by the renowned primatologist Dame Jane Goodall, who also spoke at the conference, hailing it as “without doubt one of the most important books of the last 50 years.” It arrives at a crucial time when the first genetically engineered apple has been cleared for planting, the UK is considering lifting a longstanding ban against the commercial planting of GE crops, and the mainstream media in both nations are repeating the false claims of the biotech proponents as if they were solid facts. Based on the evidence presented in the book, Druker and Goodall asserted that it would be foolhardy to push forward with a technology that is unacceptably risky and should never have been allowed on the market in the first place.

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Growing Beekeeper and Public Concern About Honey Bee Losses
by Donald Sutherland

Honey bees have long been a source of fascination for humans with their amazing ability to communicate to their fellow workers using waggle dances, odour sensitivity, directions, distances to food, and colour of food sources. They even bring back samples for any doubting Thomas’s who may lurk in their midst. The complexity and sensitivity of their neurological equipment is beyond dispute. Why is such a sophisticated insect suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder?

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Reiki for Healing Children
by Andrea Kehler

Is your child suffering from anxiety, chronic fatigue, or unexplained aches and pains? Perhaps you have tried Western Medicine, and done everything by the books, yet you continue to watch your child struggle. Your child may be an empath! Empathic individuals are highly sensitive beings affected by other people’s energies. They have the ability to intuitively feel and perceive others, and unconsciously their mood is influenced by the environment around them. Empathic children are unable to discern the difference between their own feelings and someone else’s. They do not understand the meaning of energetic boundaries, and therefore walk around every day as energetic little sponges. They absorb the energies around them including the emotions and physical pain of other people. This can result in the child feeling scattered or having a hard time focusing. The child may develop depression, anxiety, and social phobias because they feel intuitively that the world is a safer place if they are alone.

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Building a Neoliberal Canada
by Bruce Mason

It rules the world, but do you know what “neoliberalism” really means? While rarely defined, often confused, misused, and glossed over, understanding the term is basic to human interaction in the 21st century and the key to unlocking a different country and world. After 40 years of tracking neoliberalism's global rise, Donald Gutstein decided to help clear up any doubt and confusion by sharing his insights in a book. Happily, he uses our prime minister as a case study. Harperism: How Stephen Harper and His Think Tank Colleagues Have Transformed Canada (James Lorimer) has been published months ahead of what is quite possibly the most important federal election ever.

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by Melva Armstrong

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I celebrate my 20th anniversary of publishing WHOLifE Journal. When I first began in 1995, I had no idea that I would still be doing this work twenty years later. I was so excited about starting my own new business, that I tended to live in the moment and didn’t think about the future. I just kept producing one after the other, year after year, and they’ve added up to twenty years. The journey has been truly amazing, full of many experiences that have created much happiness and provided me with opportunities for learning and growth. I feel blessed for all the people I have met and for all the support I’ve been given and that continues to be given to me. Almost every day, I have people complimenting me on my work, saying they are grateful to have such a publication available. This fits perfectly with my motto: “Bringing People Together.” I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and for being part of my life. You are all, in essence, my family and that brings great joy to my heart and soul.
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