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Volume 24 Issue 6
March/April 2019

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The Combination to Unlocking the Power of Your Mind
by Sarah Sand
Sarah Sand

Together, the logical mind and the intuitive mind desire to work in harmony. They need to align like pen and paper, lock and key, bat and ball. One without the other is rendered ineffective. We need to reconcile both to unlock, create, and enjoy. This is our natural state and in this state we can live more joyously and on purpose. In this article we explore the differences between our intuitive and logical minds as well as how we can balance these two minds.

The intuitive mind starts the process of creation. It accesses ideas, dreams, and creates new ways of living. It is creative and akin to multi-coloured curves and circles on a canvas. The intuitive mind is very active in the minds of people who play, imagine, and innovate. When we are unbalanced in our intuitive mind, we will have plenty of visions, dreams, and new ideas, but we will be unable to put them into action.

The logical mind finishes the process of creation. It acts on ideas by organizing data, and creating systems and habits. It is structured and akin to black and white lines laid out orderly on a canvas. The logical mind is very active in the minds of people who are action-oriented, structured, and organized. When we are unbalanced in our logical mind, we will have no new ideas and we will continue doing old actions over and over again.

When focused or working together, the intuitive and the logical mind are very powerful. We can imagine something new and act on that new idea.

Let’s look at the combination to assist with coming into balance.

  1. Know your path, soul purpose, or passion. When you are working in your purpose, your ideas and action are infused with unlimited potential from source, God, Creator (or whatever word you use). This is your first priority. How do you do this? Ask the question, “What is my purpose?” to your source, expect the answer, and remain still and open. You may get your answer on the spot, or it may take days, weeks, or months, but you will get your answer, because it comes from around you and also from within you. Although your mind may tell you something different, you do know what that purpose is.
    A great exercise to invoke here is daily prayer or meditation focused on the intention or your purpose.
  2. Get the order right. The process of creation occurs in a cycle. First, the intuitive mind attracts and attains the idea. Then the logical mind brings the idea to fruition. As a result, a new trait, state of being, material object, etc. is manifested. And the cycle of intuitive followed by logical continues.
    A great exercise is to use the power of visualization by imagining before you act. For example: before you start your day, visualize it and hold the feeling and attitude you desire. (For me, the attitude of gratitude and surrender works very well.)
  3. Create habits that support a balanced life. For example, decreasing distraction in your life can give you the stillness needed to pick up intuitive thoughts, feelings or sensations. You may find you have a busy life and a distracted mind.
    Exercises to decrease this include focusing on one task at a time, turning off your notifications on your phone and checking your messages and apps when YOU want to, cleaning clutter from your house one room at a time, and cleaning clutter from your mind by being in control of what you put in there.
  4. Rewire your values. There are certain values that do not support harmony in the mind. For example, the value of competition amongst people emerging from a model of scarcity creates polarity in our lives and in our minds. If we can begin to rewire our minds for co-operation, this will assist us in the process of reconciling the intuitive and logical mind. A simple exercise to do is writing out the word co-operation on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror. This will trigger your mind to focus on co-operation often in a day for a short period of time. Eventually this word will start to influence your actions and you will begin to experience the word in your life.

These and many other exercises can be used to reconcile the intuitive and logical mind. And when they are balanced and respected equally, they work together as a whole. Through the combination of knowing your purpose, using both minds in the correct order, creating balanced habits, and rewiring values, we can move closer to being in our natural balanced state.

Sarah Sand, RSW, MSW, owner of Shift Intuit, uses both mental counselling techniques and intuitive abilities in individual counselling, trainings, and consulting. For more information about Sarah and other counsellors with Shift Intuit, please visit shiftintuition.ca or call (306) 281-5704. Also see the display ad on page 27 of the 24.6 March/April issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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