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Volume 25 Issue 1
May/June 2019

Qigong of Compassion
Cultivating the Grace of Kuan Yin

Rhubarb – It’s Not Just for Crisps!

Doula 101

Ketogenic Diet: Myths vs. Facts

The Healing Art of Quilting

What Do Eyebrows Have to Do With Grief?

Step Into Your Power

Moms to Be: Don’t Forget Your Probiotics!

Are You Happy with Your Body?


Step Into Your Power
by Maureen Bandas
Maureen Bandas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be you? Is there a part of you that knows you are here on Earth to do more? Are you getting signs or nudges to step into your power?

I have devoted my entire life to guiding others to be the best they possibly can be through private intuitive healing sessions and classes. I am a psychic intuitive healer/teacher and I started this journey 13 years ago. My life shifted so much when I totally surrendered it to the “Creator of All that Is” in the fall of 2013. So much was happening in my Angel business and I had a desire to teach others.

As life would have it, my wonderful father passed away a few weeks before my trip to “Celebrate Your Life” conference in Sedona, Arizona. We all had to set an intention prior to attending the conference. I had a desire to learn as much as I could from the spiritual teachers and to see my father’s spirit. I was doing spirit readings for others and knew I was capable of seeing passed loved ones in spirit form. I was super excited to be in this spiritual place and to connect to my father’s spirit. During the conference, I attended a fairy walk with Doreen Virtue. It truly was a magical time. I couldn’t see the fairies, but I could hear them, they sound just like crickets. It was such an amazing experience. I was guided to look up and see this amazing cloud formation of Archangel Michael, Jesus, and my father wearing a sailor’s hat. I was elated and so grateful God fulfilled my intention. I felt so at peace for this amazing sign from heaven. My life changed that day as I knew my dad is with God and his beautiful Angels!

Our thoughts are so powerful, we can truly manifest whatever we desire. I have a huge desire to teach others and I am so grateful I am able to guide others to do more and to find their inner light, as I step into my power as a psychic intuitive healer/teacher.

Maureen Bandas is trained as a Reiki Master, Access Bars Facilitator, Access Energetic Facelift Facilitator, Access Body Practitioner, Certified Advanced Thetahealer, Angel Spiritual Healer/Teacher, Akashic Records Practitioner, and Angel Card Reader/Teacher. She is an event planner for “Step Into Your Power” Natural Health Expo, “Discover A Brand New You” Holistic Expo, and a Women’s Intuitive Retreat: “Discovering Your Power Within.” She hopes to see your smiling face in a private session or class, in person or by distance, someday soon! For more information and to contact her, call (306) 331-5866 or email maureen@angelspiritualconnections.com. Also see the display ad on page 30 of the 25.1 May/June issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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