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Volume 25 Issue 5
January/February 2020

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Do You Feel Out of Balance?
by Susan J. Lee
Susan Lee

I saw this saying on a T-shirt, “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.” It made me think, “What if the physical body is having trouble moving or aligning to your direction in life?”

That idea sprang from BodyTalk philosophy, where all factors are playing out within the body, including what is going on in your life from past experiences up to the present moment.

I took a class on Correcting Balance Issues in July 2019 from Dr. John Veltheim, founder of the BodyTalk system. I found it really interesting that balance could be related to the adrenal/kidney complex. Dr. Veltheim drew from Chinese medicine, where the adrenal/kidney complex associated energy line (meridian) has a relationship with the ears, eyes, and brain. Subconscious FEAR, running in the back of a client’s mind, draws energy out of this circuit. Addressing the adrenal/kidney meridian by de-stressing the brain’s fear could be the priority in a balance issue.

I also learned how to work with the sensory nerves from the ears going to the brain. There are different techniques to help those areas communicate the information on where the body is in relationship to its position. For instance, when you look down or turn your head, the brain must sense this position and make adjustments to keep you balanced. Balance issues, or vertigo, limit what a person is able to do.

After a concussion due to a fall, plus having a stroke, an advanced BodyTalk practitioner relayed a personal story of having difficulty even walking down the stairs. When he looked down, he fell down. After BodyTalk treatments, he was really pleased to acquire again the ability to look down and not lose his balance.

Using the BodyTalk system, the practitioner asks the body where the priority is for focus of the treatment. The body knows and is able to give yes/no answers by heavy or light muscle movements. Priority could be that the calcium crystals from the inner ear have moved out of their correct position. The nerves that sense where the crystals are would then be giving false information to the brain. It could be the eyes not working well, with the ears relaying confusing information to the brain.

Or, let’s say there is something going on in the brain due to a stroke, medications, or even migraine headaches. Or as mentioned above, deficient kidney energy flow. All these can compromise the brain’s ability to sort out and use the sensory information coming in from the ears and eyes. BodyTalk can find out details and treat to initiate a reset or repair.

In the Correcting Balance Issues class, Dr. Veltheim introduced us to exercises recommended for people experiencing balance issues. We were told that BodyTalk tapping, while doing the exercises, greatly increased the brain’s ability to stay balanced.

So much can be done to help the body with its function through the BodyTalk system! My clients love it!

Susan J. Lee, Advanced International BodyTalk Association Practitioner, runs a Saskatoon home-based clinic called Health Service 4U2B Well, by appointment only. If you are having balance issues you want treated, ask for the “3 Sessions—Pay for 2 Special.” Let me know you saw this article in WHOLifE and are wanting BodyTalk support to gain back better balance. To contact Susan, please see the Directory of Services ad on page 19 of the 25.5 January/February issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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