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Volume 26 Issue 3
January/February 2021

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The Miraculous Healing Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
by Robert W. Connolly, April 16, 2019
Robert Connolly

Most people connect the name Tesla with an award-winning electric car brand, or with the invention of AC electricity. But few people realize that Nikola Tesla (1856–1943) was also the father of Advanced Electromagnetic Field Frequency Therapy.

My Personal Awakening

I became aware of Tesla’s electromagnetic field therapy 10 years ago, when it cured me of depression. In 1995, I had begun to experience a “phantom ring” sensation in my pants pocket (the sensation of a cell phone vibrating in my pocket even though there was no cell phone present). Over the next 15 years, this odd sensation was followed by aches and pains that moved around my body. I then started to forget things in a haze of brain fog. My appetite was replaced by nausea. Increasing anxiety, depression, and ultimately a nervous breakdown stopped me from working. 

After doing some research, I learned that my symptoms were caused by my “electro-sensitivity” to high-frequency magnetic fields, and these symptoms could be relieved by minimizing my exposure to cell phones and wireless technology, and taking long walks to ground my energy. But my low-grade chronic depression persisted. Then 10 years ago, I tried low frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF). After three days of use, a tremendous feeling of vitality and well-being replaced my depression. I still use it today.

During his research in the 1890s, inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla realized that the body is like a rechargeable battery, constantly under the influence of the sun and the Earth’s geomagnetic field. This is why he went for a daily seven-mile walk through New York’s Central Park to naturally recharge his body. (Walking puts pressure on bones, which are crystalline in nature. Each step creates a piezoelectric pulse as the bones are bent, which is then amplified by the lines of the Earth’s magnetic fields as one moves through.) 

Tesla had an intimate understanding of the relationship between the pulse of the earth, electricity, and magnetic fields, and he developed ideas for a huge number of inventions we use to this day. This is the standard magnetic loop, or flat spiral coil, seen in all PEMF systems today.

Treatment with PEMF therapy requires that a person lays inside or on top of energized Tesla coils, where a frequency generator pulses, pushes, and pulls magnetic fields through the body. Specifically, low frequencies that resemble the pulse of the earth (approximately 10 Hz) to recharge depleted cells.

After my recovery, I accepted this miraculous healing from chronic depression as divine intervention. I devoted myself to understanding Tesla’s magnetic field therapy and went on to travel the world to produce a feature documentary called Tesla’s Medicine: Healing Fields.

The Search for Tesla’s Medicine

Over eight years, I’ve documented people who claim to have recovered from a range of chronic and acute illnesses with the help of PEMF devices. This includes people’s vision improving, infertile couples conceiving, autistic kids stabilizing, adults cleared of diabetes, arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia, and more.

I travelled through Eastern and Western Europe, and I went to the paraplegic hospital in the Czech Republic to document their treatment approach. The Rehabilitation Centre of Kladruby (www.rehabilitace.cz) treats paraplegic patients using PEMF and lasers to repair bones and nerves. Their patient outcomes were impressive.

And the world-famous Paracelsus Clinic (www.paracelsus.com) in Switzerland uses PEMF to eliminate pain and speed bone healing after dental surgery. Thousands of athletes, such as those on the Swiss Olympic team, use PEMF for improved performance.

The Centurion Systems PEMF Blanket is being used to help treat MS, arthritis, and broken bones. The Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association wheels clients into the hospital to be analyzed with a PEMF device. The hospital sends the MS patient home with a portable Centurion PEMF unit.

Meanwhile, Back in Canada

  • PEMF accelerates plant growth. After numerous trips to Eastern and Western Europe between 2012 and 2016 to acquire PEMF machines, we acquired devices for The Rose Lab in Peterborough, Ontario—a research facility owned by Dr. Magda Havas, PhD, a specialist in the biological effects of magnetic fields. In the lab, we found that Wi-Fi stunted the growth of seedlings, while PEMF medical devices accelerated their growth.
  • PEMF alleviates pain, speeds healing of arthritis, broken bones, injuries: Centurion Systems is a Canadian company that first imported Tesla coils from Germany over 30 years ago. Their devices were embraced by the horse racing industry because of the way PEMF therapy mends broken bones—sometimes in a few weeks. Centurion Systems now manufactures devices that are popular with athletes who suffer injuries that cause pain and arthritis.

The SAAQ, a government entity in Quebec that governs automobile accidents, is now providing Canadian-made Centurion Tesla Coils free of charge to victims of collisions, so that they can have pain-free accelerated recoveries.

Dr. Magda Havas personally supervised a pilot study on Centurion’s Tesla Coils that was published in Novel Techniques in Arthritis & Bone Research. Her report was titled, “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Alleviates Symptoms of Osteoarthritis.” Havas found that this therapy significantly reduced pain and also increased the wellness of the participants. See: http://tinyurl.com/PEMFArthritisStudy

  • PEMF Energy Therapy is available in local clinics for home use. While the world rushes onwards to have the latest wireless technology, we must realize that even after 5G, the telecommunication industry will continue to expand. We can remove the electro-smog from our home, but once we step out the door, the water in our body will absorb and store it. 

Since our healthcare system now officially accepts PEMF “Energy Therapy” but refuses to fund it, a new trend in privatized medicine is emerging which involves “Frequency Therapists” who offer therapeutic sound, vibration, light, and magnetic field detox therapy treatment in a clinic setting.

In other words, Tesla’s technology is now legal; it performs miracles, but you won’t find it in hospitals. To thrive in a future wireless world, you need to create a healing room in your home, equip it with Tesla’s technology, and use it regularly as Tesla did. He lived to be 86 years old in 1943—20 years beyond the average lifespan at that time.

Robert W. Connolly is a Canadian investigative researcher, journalist, film producer, and author in the field of nature medicine. Visit teslamedicine.com, email info@teslamedicine.com, and twitter @bobwconnolly. Also see the display ad on the back cover of the 26.3 January/February issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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