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Volume 27 Issue 1
May/June 2021

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Rhythms of Wellbeing

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Challenges with Allergies


Rhythms of Wellbeing
by Jade :ll: Cathy Chicoine
Nina Lane

As a drum circle facilitator, you might say that my thinking has always been a little “outside the box.” This non-traditional path drew me in 20 years ago when I witnessed the transformation of the participants at the community drum circles I attended, along with my own powerful sense of having lightened up each time, I was hooked.

Drum circles are in-the-moment music-making experiences that highlight the value of cooperation while recognizing individual contribution as an important piece of the whole, witnessed as the group song being created in the moment. It is a great metaphor for life. When we work together, we can accomplish something no single person could on their own.

Rhythm can be defined as a strong, regular, repeated pattern.

Wellbeing is defined as a sense of health and vitality that arises from thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences.

I call that rhythm of wellbeing my Zen Rhythm. Often we will hear the words “Rest in Peace” associated with someone who has crossed over, but this state need not be only reserved for the dearly departed! Drumming is a wonderful way to process emotions, to be supported by others, and to offer others support without the need for words. It can help us get in touch with feelings and give them a healthy outlet for observation and release.

We have power, the privilege, and the opportunity to each define for ourselves what it means to be well and at peace. We travel along this rhythm journey of life making choices in each and every moment. We choose what we will allow into our minds, into our hearts, our personal space, and our bodies. We alone are the captains of these “Earth Ships” on our way to becoming Humanus Optimus, our “Human Best.”

It is an individual journey, yes, but it is also one that we are making together, as each one of us plays our part in creating the larger “human organism,” which is acting as one force on this earth plane whether divided by opinions or not.

As a generator of frequency creating in every moment, my commitment to humanity then becomes a commitment to “Minding my own Vibration.” I can focus on making choices that benefit my body, mind, and Spirit. But it’s not always quite that simple, is it?

We live in a world that challenges us and our nervous systems like never before. The ways in which we can become compromised are seemingly endless. Compromised is said to be a situation in which people accept something slightly different from what they really want, or to accept standards that are lower than desirable.

So, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference.”

In 2017, I faced a significant mental health crisis, and being an out of the box thinker, non-traditional path taker, and natural health devotee, I was led to discover a company called TrueHope and began using their nutritional supplement EMP (Essential Mineral Power)—“the most studied micronutrient formula in the world, boasting over 30+ medical journal publications.”

As my mental health began to improve, I became curious to learn more about brain health in general and specifically how I could use drumming to further help balance my brain.

In the book The Healing Power of the Drum, author Robert Lawrence Friedman references Layne Redmond’s work which talks about the “unified whole brain functioning called hemispheric synchronization, or the awakened mind.” It goes on to describe how, “As the two hemispheres begin to resonate to a single rhythm, a sense of clarity and heightened awareness arises. The individual is able to draw on both the left and right hemispheres simultaneously. The mind becomes sharper, more lucid, synthesizing much more rapidly than normal, and emotions are easier to understand and transform. The conscious and unconscious levels of the mind interface and integrate more easily. Insight quickens and creative intuition flourishes, giving one the ability to visualize and bring into manifestation ideas more easily. An expanded, more complete and integrated state of consciousness comes into existence. Scientists believe that hemispheric synchronization may be the neurological basis of transcendent states of consciousness.”

My focus shifted at that time as I began incorporating more of what I was learning on this subject into the drum circles. And, after a year of taking Truehope’s EMP, things were improving. But I was not out of the woods yet. I had found a life vest that was keeping my head above water. I was surviving, but not exactly thriving.

In 2019, my sister introduced me to VoxxLife. This Canadian company is on a mission to help one billion people with their wellness through non-invasive drug-free wearable neurotechnology.

Within a week of consistent wear, I began sleeping for 6–7 hours and felt rested instead of my usual 10-plus. My spouse had a significant reduction in chronic pain, and we began learning more about the company. We joined the mission and now include making these products available to people as part of what Zen Rhythm Co. has to offer.

A new product was launched in 2020 which “uses skin receptors on the forearm to generate ‘skin-to-brain’ neural signals, telling your brain’s cognitive networks to function more efficiently. The result is a 100% natural, drug-free solution to improve mindfulness, with reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced clarity, increased focus and attention, and improved memory.”

After using this product for just over a year now, my mental health continues to improve, and despite all of the new challenges we are facing, I am able to better cope.

May we all find our Zen Rhythm and thrive.

Jade of Zen Rhythm Co. facilitates drum circles in the Saskatoon area, offers one-on-one Sound Sessions, and brings the brain optimizing technology of VoxxLife to her practice. More information can be found on her website at zenrhythmco.ca or call (306) 717-9696. Also see the display ad on page 14 of the 27.1 May/June issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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