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Volume 27 Issue 2
July/August 2021

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I’m Navigating “The Shift”


I’m Navigating “The Shift”
by Sue Letwin
Christina Harabor

We experience different states of consciousness each day by falling asleep, dreaming or drifting off into our imagination. Meditation is also a consciousness shift, and I have been meditating nightly since the middle of April, 2021. In March of 2020, I began dreaming about happy people dressed in white, holding hands. This surprised me as the world seemed a bit bleak then. I began to have visions and more beautiful dreams. It seemed as if someone was downloading information into my brain. And then I kept seeing interesting things occurring in the sky. Our family has been seeing halos around the sun and moon and types of clouds we have never seen before. My friendships and alliances completely changed or transformed in the past year. I began meeting like-minded people who helped me relax during a stressful time.

If any of the above resonates with you, I encourage you to delve into these stirrings of the spirit. Polarity of views can spur us on to action. When we don’t understand why there is such a divide amongst humans, some people dig deeper. I have found that looking within myself has been the most helpful activity this past year. When I didn’t understand people’s behaviour, I felt frustrated. And I couldn’t understand why all of the wonderful visions, dreams, and feelings were surfacing at a time when the world seemed bombarded with fear. Perhaps looking within is where humans find solace when the world around them is chaotic.

I grew up as a Quaker, a Christian sect that believes there is the light of God within each of us. This belief creates action. If we all contain a part of God, then we must respect all life and help one another. Quakers have been actively involved all over the world in helping others without proselytizing. There are programmed and unprogrammed Quakers. An unprogrammed Quaker is part of a meditative church service wherein congregation members sit in silence for an hour. There are always elders in attendance, chosen for their wisdom. Any member may stand up and speak their inspired Truth that may come from God, Source, Creator, or however you term the omnipotent force in the Universe. The elders stand by to evaluate the Truth, and this is added to the cumulative knowledge of the worshipping community if deemed to be coming from Source. This past year my guidance has come from memories of my father’s words, my childhood religion, my religious studies degree in Zen Buddhism, and Aldous Huxley’s books about dystopia and utopia, Brave New World and Island. Did you know that Aldous took some of his journeys in Saskatchewan?


And now I’ve added meditation to the list of activities that have created in me more awareness of who I really am and why we are all here on Earth; there is excitement that is unfolding from humans having explored darkness, to a new beginning to explore light, freedom, love, compassion, and peace while creating one’s own reality. There had to be a tumultuous series of events to discard an old paradigm and enter the new one.

I began recognizing grief in me, as my old way of life and people in my life drifted away. I used that grief to find new healthcare and service providers as well as new friends, and I am creating a whole new life for myself. I quit my board work and have added trimming and testing of cannabis flower for license holders and private individuals in Saskatchewan. Shifts are happening in every corner of my life and it isn’t stopping; it’s gaining an incredible momentum that includes so much love, peace, and synchronicity. Keep looking within. You may find a truly inspiring foundation on which to build a whole new life for yourself, one your heart has always desired.

Sue has run a cannabis education and cooking business since 2018. She manages indicapable.ca and thelibraryofcannabis.net. Now Sue and her soul sister business partner are available to trim or test THC and CBD in cannabis flower. Contact her at curious@indicapable.ca.


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