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Volume 27 Issue 3
September/October 2021

Allowing ourselves to get Back2Nature and back to our true selves!

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Allowing ourselves to get Back2Nature and back to our true selves!
by Kyla Bouvier
Kyla Bouvier

Allowing ourselves the opportunity to get back to nature, back to ourselves, is a powerful practice and a gift!

In our day and age, getting back to nature and cultivating a connection back to ourselves is essential. When we allow ourselves the time for reconnection and daily reflection, we come back to the core of who we are.

Have you been desiring to spend more time outdoors since the pandemic started? If you have, it’s probably no coincidence, your soul is likely craving that connection that Mother Nature offers as a gift. Mother Nature represents the divine feminine, and every single human has a connection to her. The divine feminine is our compassionate and nurturing centre, and when you spend time in nature, you are cultivating that within! For centuries, we have been so connected to Mother Nature, living and breathing her, she has been our nurturer and a place that we have gone to for deep inner healing. In present day, most of us spend more time indoors, disconnected from the gifts of Mother Nature. Now more than ever, we are needing to come back to her and allow her to assist us with connection.

For me, spending time outdoors connects me back to my authentic self. I’m able to connect back with my heart and soul and to what truly matters to me. Getting back to nature has been what I’ve always come back to when I’m feeling disconnected from myself and desiring to feel connected to my soul again.

Out of my love for the outdoors and for self-awareness and consciousness, Back2Nature Wellness and Events was born. I always had a love for the outdoors while growing up. I grew up on a farm and spending time outdoors was always my happy place. After graduating from high school, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree, and since then I’ve been spending my time working as a wildlife biologist for the past 15 years. My deep dive into self-awareness and consciousness arrived on the winter solstice four years ago when my brother tragically left this earth plane and the event shook me to my core. The gift that he left me was opening up my eyes to this new perspective on life and living more present and with more awareness. He’s been a blessed guide in my life since and the teachings have been enormous.

Back2Nature Wellness and Events was created as an opportunity to experience an inner journey in the outdoors. We can get so bogged down with past conditioning and the “shoulds” from society that we forget who we really are. This inner journey in the outdoors is an unravelling of who we are not and a sinking into who we are. The unravelling includes investigating and questioning our own limiting belief systems, thoughts, and emotions. When we investigate our internal environment and our subconscious belief systems, we gain a new awareness and can choose a new reality, shifting our external environment along with us, creating aligned changes. From increasing my own self-awareness and unravelling my own limiting belief systems, thoughts, and emotions, my external environment has shifted around me in a way that still amazes me. I feel more like myself than I ever have before, and since cultivating and increasing my own self-awareness and consciousness, I have become less triggered and reactive. My view and perspective on life has shifted to see more beauty. I’m able to see the world through the lens of gratitude and ask “How is this happening for me?” instead of “How is this happening to me?” And, I’m wanting to share these powerful tools that anyone can cultivate to increase their well-being while on this earth plane and having fun along the way!

I encourage you to allow yourself to open up to the beauty that nature and life offers; there’s so much for us to experience in a short amount of time. At Back2Nature Wellness and Events, we offer many opportunities to unravel and step into who we are. We offer personal wellness sessions (BodyTalk), soul coaching, outdoor events, and in-person and online facilitation.

Our current outdoor events include a One-Day Wellness Retreat in Candle Lake and Pike Lake Provincial Parks, a Guided Hike and Rhythm Circle (Wednesdays for Well-Being—Tuning into the Rhythms of Nature in Saskatoon), Soulful Art by the River (Saskatoon), and Staycation Packages with Uniglobe Travel (Saskatoon and Douglas Provincial Park).

If you are wanting to learn more about Back2Nature Wellness and Events, please visit www.back2naturewellness.com.

Kyla lives in Clavet, Saskatchewan, and spends her time as a soulful entrepreneur, a wildlife biologist, and a mother to her two boys. Her passion in life is to spread awareness on the importance of unravelling into who you are and using Mother Nature as a teacher and guide! Also see the Directory of Services ad on page 20 of the 27.3 September/October issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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