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Volume 27 Issue 3
September/October 2021

Allowing ourselves to get Back2Nature and back to our true selves!

Are You Breathing Too Much?

Introduction to Permaculture
Garden Therapy Yorkton/Prairie Permaculture

An Update From Our Farm to Your Table…

The Healthy Breast Foundations Program

Lucky Dog Cuisine

Shifting from Expectation to Exploration is Advice that Changed My Life

Hair Loss in Children
The Impact It Has on the Family


Shifting from Expectation to Exploration is Advice that Changed My Life
by Laurie Renton
Christina Harabor

Money is a resource for expressing our humanity, and we are in a wake-up call for the transformation of ourselves and our world from scarcity and fear to abundance and love.

Money truly is the most universal, motivating, mischievous, miraculous, misunderstood part of our lives and yet we often bury our heads in the sand around the topic of money. Money only has as much power that we assign to it, and sorry to say, we have assigned it with immense power.

Some myths that hold true for so many through our coaching are: (1) There’s not enough to go around, (2) More is better, and (3) That’s just the way it is (this one seems to have the most hold on many).

Often these myths communicate moral lessons, and scarcity myths have produced a legacy of beliefs. A lot of these lessons are expressed in patterns of conscious and unconscious behaviours around money, especially in our personalities.

This is what has guided me to the world of coaching using the “enneagram” and the “inflow matrix value system” as a model to help you discover and deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationship with others. I had decided years ago to use this same wisdom and insight to help guide people with their relationship to money, allowing them to unlock their greatest potential to live a life of abundance in all areas of life, no matter what life phase they are in.

How do you create your pathway to personal freedom?

Working in the world of money as a financial advisor for over 30 years has truly allowed me to understand that the relationship to money can be so conflicting, and our behaviours with and around money are often at odds with our most deeply held values, commitments, beliefs, ideals…our soul.

It is a surprise that in a world of overabundance, the conversations that we have with ourselves and others are dominated by what we don’t have and what we want to get, and no matter who we are or what our circumstances, we often focus around what there isn’t enough of.

Throughout my life journey, I realized that living my Core Values, whether in business or my personal life, has allowed me to live my life authentically with the freedom and flexibility that I desire.

This is the reason my partner Sylvia and I created the Visionary Hub, to help guide you to finding your Core Values that you want to live by, so that you can create happiness, understanding, and balance to live the story of your life and what’s most important to YOU!

We invite you to join us at the Visionary HUB to be introduced to a new paradigm tool kit that takes you on a journey of conscious conversations in a community that has helped people move from surviving to thriving and stepping into a more connected and purposeful life.

The mastery of this tool kit, or even just an experience with the Hub Factor and Fuel 2 InSight, can become such an integral part of your successful life, whether individually, in a work environment, or as part of a team. We look forward to seeing you. It’s your time to EXPLORE.

Laurie Renton has worked in her Financial Services practice for 27 years. Her dream has been to create a space where she could guide others through a process of getting unstuck in their lives using a unique mapping system. This has led her to being one of the Founders of the Visionary HUB, which is located in Yorkton, SK. You are invited to join them in person or online at the Visionary Hub for the Hub Factor to experience the Values mapping system to see for yourself … it is truly transformative. For more information visit www.thevisionaryhub.org or call (306) 316-8482, and also see display ad on page 23 of the 27.3 September/October issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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