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Volume 27 Issue 4
November/December 2021

Raw Honey: Nature’s Sweet Superfood

Celebrating Organic Food and Farming in Saskatchewan

You are a Breath Away From Calm

As Within, So Without
As Above, So Below...

Processing the Past Through the Present

Purple Goddess Online Pilgrimage™ – A 12-Month Spiritual Journey



Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 27 Issue 4 — November/December 2021
by Melva Armstrong

It is wonderful to be back sharing another issue with you. It’s been a fun and unique experience getting everything together and working with both new and old friends who have contributed so beautifully and lovingly to it. I consider all the contributors to the journal as friends because that’s how it feels when I work with each one.

It’s been another two months and we are still in the midst of the virus situation, which is unfortunate, as I was hoping it would be resolved by now. This continues to bring more fear, stress, and anxiety to people and I feel for everyone who is being badly affected mentally, emotionally, and physically. I can’t stop thinking that it would be extremely helpful if there was more emphasis being promoted by officials on natural healing products (including everyday vitamins and minerals), many of which have been widely mentioned locally and around the world, that can be used to treat the various conditions associated with the virus. Here’s hoping that many of you have been doing your research into finding the best natural ways to keep yourselves well during these unusual times. In fact, I was reminded recently about the Louise Hay affirmations CD that I have, and so I’ve begun listening to it each day and it is amazingly calming and soothing, as well as highly educational. It’s just a matter of shifting my consciousness and paying attention to my thoughts, so I can eliminate the negative ones and focus on the positive.

We have excellent editorial pieces that will hopefully breathe new life into your body, mind, and soul, especially during these current times. Just what the doctor ordered, you could say! According to naturopathic doctor Sussanna Czeranko, “The secret to understanding stress and anxiety is to understand the relationship between our breathing and our response to stress.” In her article, You are a Breath Away From Calm (pp. 10–11), she explains how using our breath and certain breathing techniques is a key element to enable people to use the breath to rapidly bring calm and lower anxiety. She is offering Buteyko Breathing classes for anyone who would like to gain tools to live with more calmness and ease.

If you are wanting to be at peace and connect with your centre, then you will enjoy reading Julie Peeble’s article, As Within, So Without, As Above, So Below (pp.12–13). Julie writes about self-care and nourishment requirements, where she delves into the gifts our Mother Earth offers us through each season and how to balance all the elements within us and without us in order to maintain natural health and wellness. Julie lives at Manitou Beach, where she is offering tailored retreats and health consultations.

What comes to mind when you hear the word pilgrimage? A pilgrimage could be going within oneself or going on an actual physical journey, and it could be both. My dear friend Anne Elliott (Purple Goddess), who for years has supported women’s transformation, has created a Purple Goddess Online Pilgrimage™, A 12-month Spiritual Journey (p. 23), that will start in 2022. Purple Goddess encourages women to find their Goddess path through ritual, ceremony, Tarot, and personal introspection. Her new book, Sophia’s Return—A Guide to Creating a Goddess-Inspired Sacred Circle, will be released late 2021.

What are you radiating? According to Michael Stodola in his article, Radiance (pp. 26–27), all life radiates a force field which may either attract or repel. We used to call them “vibes.” Most importantly, says Michael, only by radiating positive patterns will you attract positive experiences. When you have a vision of peace, harmony, and resonance, then that is what you will radiate, he adds. Simply put, if you want to be happy, change your mind to change your life.

I am very happy to read in Marla Carlson’s article, Celebrating Organic Food and Farming in Saskatchewan (p. 21), that the organic sector in our province is thriving! Hooray! I’m a huge supporter of organics and am ever grateful for all those folks who believe in farming organically and those who support the organic sector by buying and eating organic products. I wish them continued success in their various businesses and send my gratitude and thanks for keeping the organic sector alive and well.

There are so many more editorial and advertising gems to seek out and discover and get involved with and learn from. Be sure to read from cover to cover and savour each precious word.

May you enjoy these two beautiful months, enjoy the winter solstice and the festive season, and keep well and happy!

In light and Love,

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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